A Year Into the Pandemic, Importance of Masks Remains High


Photo Credit: Gerry Popplestone

Amarri Reclosado , OwlFeed News Reporter

The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed all of our lives, but not for the better. The rules are simple: we must stay home as much as possible and wear a mask when we need to go to the stores. That seems so simple but we are all human, and sometimes, humans make mistakes. 

Naturally, humans get bored very easily so the pandemic is not helping that situation at all. The virus has been in our lives for almost a year now and people are starting to go back to life before the pandemic happened. They look like they are living as if the pandemic never even happened. 

According to ksat.com, “People naturally rebel when they’re told what to do, even if the measures could protect them,” said Steven Taylor, a clinical psychologist and author of “The Psychology of pandemics.” Taylor is saying that people naturally rebel when told what to do, so this mask protest and just not wearing a mask, in general, might be them rebelling. 

“I do believe in COVID-19. It’s killed so many people it’s kind of hard not to think it’s real at this point,” said Makayla Kennedy, a junior at Agua Fria. 

Photo Credit: Gerry Popplestone

She later went on to talk about why she wears a mask. “I wear a mask. It’s crucial in stopping the spread of the virus and protecting not only myself but others as well. I’m pretty sure I will get the vaccine, anything to help stop the spread!”  Kennedy said.

Kennedy, like me, believes in COVID-19 and though none of my family members has died from COVID-19, hers have. So she knows first hand what COVID-19 can do to hurt others in more ways than one. 

Sam Lopez, our OwlFeed Sports Editor, also believes in COVID-19 as a couple of people and family members of hers have gotten it. She said, “Yes, I do believe in COVID-19. I know people personally who have gotten it and a couple of family members too,” she said.

“I wear a mask because I want to protect others,” Lopez said. “When I work I feel like I’m exposed to it a lot, especially since people don’t follow the six-feet-apart guideline. I have other people in my house that I wouldn’t want to get sick.” 

Just like me, Sam wears a mask to protect others and to not get her family members sick as well. 

“I think people have normalized the virus a lot,” Lopez added. “Instead of trying to prevent it, they’re getting comfortable living the way we have to. I’ve heard people say that everyone is going to get it at one point so it doesn’t matter or something along that line.” 

Lopez made a great point about how people are reacting with COVID-19. She thinks that everyone has made COVID-19 apart of their lives instead of understanding that it’s not a normal thing. 

Lopez went on to talk about the vaccine and how she felt about the vaccine. 

“I’m not sure that I’d get the vaccine knowing that getting sick can be prevented in so many ways,” she said. “I’m very educated on how it’s made or how successful it has been but so far it seems like a flu shot type of deal, some people get it every year and others don’t. If the circumstances came down to it, I would get the vaccine!” 

We should all wear masks because it will help us stay safe and the virus might go down if everyone just wears their masks. Masks are very important at times like this we should all be mindful of others and understand that we need to follow the rules.