Winx Club: Fate Saga Review

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Amarri Reclosado, OwlFeed News Reporter 

On January 28, 2004 Winx Club, an Italian-American animated series co-produced by Rainbow SpA and Nickelodeon came out on television across the world. There were 8 seasons of Winx Club before it ended on September 1, 2019.

Winx Club is about a teenage girl named Bloom. Bloom was going on a bike ride with her blue bunny rabbit named Kiko, when she saw an epix fairy fight going on between princess Stella of Solaria and an orgo named Knut. Bloom helps Stella and then she finds out that she is a fairy and about the fairy collage called Alfea. Bloom goes to learn about her magic there. 

With that being said all the fans had very concerned thoughts on why this new series has so much young adult content in it. Brian Young is the one that created the new series.

Brian Young worked on seven seasons of the Vampire Diaries, is the creator and showrunner of Fate: The Winx Saga. Fate the Winx Saga was set in Italy but was mostly filmed in Ireland. Which might also explain the number of episodes, as Irish television shows commonly have six episodes per season. 

While promoting the new series for Netflix, Brian Young defended his reasoning behind its mature tone. 

 He explained: “We wanted to inject the show with as many contemporary elements as possible. We wanted to create a fantasy world where students are posting instagram stories, going to parties, making mistakes — are doing all the things that teenagers do — just interspersed with fantasy elements in a sort of anachronistic way.”

The show introduces viewers to Bloom (played by Abigail Cowen), a young fairy struggling to adjust to her new powers and her life in the magical otherworld. 

Summing up the tone of the series,Young added, “We have characters wielding swords and mastering magic, then checking their texts and sending GIFs.”

Furthermore, plenty of fans sounded off on social media with complaints. 

One viewer said, “Why do Netflix and studios, in general think that we need adult content in these kinds of shows?”

Another said, “Winx club was good enough for them to stick to the original story: the cursing, drugs, melodramatics, etc. were unnecessary. God knows we have enough shows with that already.”

Now fans were not only upset with the adlake contact in the show they were also upset with the way the show did not really match the original series almost at all.

The first episode, Bloom and the audience both find out that she is a fairy together, but in the new series Bloom finds out that she was a fairy before the audience did.

Not only that but they also cut out Bloom’s bunny Kiko and as for the original series, Kiko has been with Bloom from the very beginning of the first exposure and we do see him a lot throughout the series. But in the new series he is nowhere to be found. And then they cut out Flora and replaced her with a different name in the series, Terra.

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So as you can see the series is completely different from the original series. I am upset about the fact that the series is almost completely different from the ofina series. I knew that the show would be different but I did not know there would be so much adultlike contact in the series. I also thought that the show would be like the original series because it was supposed to be a series that follows after the other series, but it was definitely not like that and I was a little upset about that as I was a big fan of the original series myself. I feel like the new series ruined my childhood. 

Another source from also has something positive to say about the show. A commentator named  Vyvivy said, “In Winx Club there were plenty of relationship troubles to pick from. They throw away friendship for some bad romance development. Aisha’s first love interest died, Musa and Riven rocky relationship because of their personality. Stella’s trouble with Brandon NOT being a prince and lying about his identity. Actually, between Bloom and Sky there was a third party in the appearance of his fianc’e Diaspro. If a love triangle was really needed they could’ve used her and not ruin Bloom and Stella’s friendship.”

I absolutely agree with Vyvivy, Diaspro would have been great when it came to love triangles. Spoiler alert, in the series Stella and Bloom become the best of friends and I definitely felt like they had the closest connection in the series, so I was mad when they seemed like everything but the closest of friends in the new series. 

Jenny Nicholson from had what sounds like a bad response to the new series. 

“I’m sorry I can’t stop thinking about this but in Winx Club the fairies’ magical energy is called Winx because they grow wings and Bloom goes ‘We should call ourselves Winx.’ In Fate The Winx Saga if they have elemental powers & don’t grow wings will the world Winx ever be uttered,” Nicholson said. 

I agree with Jenny that they should have had a sense where the girls came up with a name like in the original show. I just felt like without a sense like that they are just girls that do not dislike but do not fully like leather either. 

Baris, from the same website, had praise to give Brian Young and the writer of the new series. 

“The way how Fate the Winx Saga put all the diversity onto two black characters who are the only ones who are not white. Aisha is the token poc in the friend group, Dane is the token poc boy and also the token non-straight boy. They’re carrying the diversity on their shoulders.” 

For this sentence I actually have to disagree with criticism as there are many movies about only a few black people on a tv show or movie. I just don’t think that the writers of Fate the Winx Saga deserve all the credit or criticism that is being given to them. 

Aroa from the same site wrote a conclusion about how some of the fans were too hard about the tv show itself. “In conclusion: Fate the Winx Saga is worth the watch and the reviews were way too harsh, blew everything out of proportion and straight up lied.” 

I kind of agree with Aroa but also don’t. I do agree that some of the fans might have been too harsh with the show or too quick to judge. I myself watched the show and thought it was horrible and a total waste of my time. 

After I deduced to watch it again, I came to the conclusion that it was not horrible but not as great as I thought it would be. And I disagree with Aroa because I think that the fans did not all lie but maybe judged too quickly. 

New-you-3674 from had a complaint to say about the tv series: “Probably for those annoying Riverdale fans.” 

I do agree with New-you-3674 that the show in some ways seemed more like Riverdale than a show based off of the original Winx Club. I have never fully seen Riverdale although I have tapped on some random videos to see what the show was like and I have to say that Riverdale and Fate The Winx Saga seem very similar so I do not think that New-You-3674 is not wrong when making that comment. 

Majin-android-21 from the same website also had a bad comment to say about this series: “The name itself tells us in big letters that it isn’t for us, unfortunately.” 

I must say that I do agree with Majin-Android-21, I believe that there are movies and tv shows that tell you if the show is for you or not and I believe that Fate: The Winx Saga is something that will tell you if it is for you or not. 

My last source MetaCircumstance, from the same website, made a comment about how the series was giving her The Vampire Diaries vibes. “This show is giving me way to many TVD bonnie vibes and if it turns out to be true, then Brain Young needs to permanently keep his hands off of Black characters.” 

As you can see people have different opinions on the matter. I am hoping we get another season because I will not be ok if the show ends after a cliffhanger.