Hats Off


Photo Credit: thedrippyshark via Instagram 

Daniel Tarrango , OwlFeed Sports Reporter

Since I was a little boy I would always wear hats. I got the style of hats from my father who often wears them too. 

As I grew older and older I started getting into other baseball team hats. Personally, I’m a Yankees fan, but yes I will throw on a Dodgers hat, Marlins hat, Red Sox hat, and so on. You get my point.

 As of right now my favorite hat in my collection would be my Florida Marlins hat. This is my favorite hat because it took me so long to find since they’re no longer the Florida Marlins, they’re now the Miami Marlins. I just fell in love with the past logo that I wanted this hat.

Now as we talk in a fashion sense, I had the chance to talk to my friend Anthony Skywalker, who I have some music coming out with really soon. “Hats are not always essential, you can pull off anything with or without a hat. Depending on the type of hat and how it looks with the fit, it may make the fit even better,” said Skywalker. 

He is right because although hats aren’t for everyone, sometimes

Photo Credit: thedrippyshark via Instagram

you can always pull a hat off and it can be that last piece you need for your outfit. 

As I mentioned before, the Marlins hat is my favorite and my friend Daniela Gonzales also agrees with me on that and agrees hats aren’t for everyone. 

Yes, fitteds are cool but they aren’t for everyone. In your collection my favorite hat is your Florida Marlins because it’s the older marlins logo and the 1997 World Series side patch on the side adds onto it,” said Daniela.  

I personally think hats are a good piece of fashion because they do add a missing part and could be your finishing touch to your outfit. 

When I talked to Rene Lopez about hats being a sense of fashion, she said, “Yes because they add an extra level to your outfit. They can be the one thing on your outfit that pops and they don’t have limits to who can and can’t wear them. Plus they are practical, messy hair? Wear a hat. Greasy hair? Wear a hat. Don’t like your hairline? Wear a hat.”

For my hat collection, I would like to keep it growing and growing. I would also like to get noticed by NewEra the hat brand. So they can sponsor me and maybe even get my own logo or hat.