Dutch Bros. Secret Menu

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If you haven’t had a Dutch Bros. drink before, you are definitely missing out. The nearest Dutch Bros from Agua Fria is on Litchfield and Indian School. The great thing is that all of these drinks taste great iced, blended, and even hot!


The Ninja Turtle

Caramel and creme de mint mocha (mint chocolate)


Chocolate milk, espresso, 1/2 caramel, 1/2 hazelnut

The Pocahontas

Caramel and White chocolate mocha.

The S’mores Breve Latte

White chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate macadamia and brown sugar cinnamon syrup


The Cake Batter Frost

Almond Rocha and White Chocolate

The Cinnabon Frost

Brown sugar cinnamon, caramel and white chocolate


Ocean Water

Blue raspberry, coconut, and lime

The Pixie Stick

Orange, pomegranate, almond

James Dean

Strawberry, peach, and coconutdutch-bros-secret-menu1