Meet our Mr. Murray

By: Bianca Ibuado and Sarah Loya

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It all started with Susie the Orangutang, his hate for Orangutans that is.

IMG_4724The most traumatic event in Mr. Murray’s life happened when he went on a field trip to the Phoenix Zoo and he saw Susie the Orangutang. In that moment he knew a piece of his soul had left him. Susie saw Mr. Murray from across the room and stared him down and slowly followed him until the end of the exhibit. What may seem like an innocent encounter was enough to leave him scarred for life.

Mr. Murray, “a fantastic specimen” according to himself, is the English 2 and AVID English teacher. He became an English teacher because he hates when people use improper grammar.

His hobbies include: hanging out with his cat, watching Netflix, watching Netflix with his cat, being crazy, staying away from babies and old people, running, playing badminton and tennis, and hanging out with Ms. DePalo whom he claims is the most intelligent person alive and will lead the revolution against the dolphins (more on that later).  

Sticking to the badminton topic, he said he LOVED coaching the badminton team. His favorite part was beating everyone and ending the season 9-5. This was his first year coaching the sport and it was the first winning season Agua Fria has had in a decade.

He said that Agua Fria has changed tremendously since he graduated from here in 2010. He also says that the school has grown, become more productive, and is now offering a lot more opportunities than were available to him when he was a student at Agua Fria. His final comment on Agua Fria was that “Ms. Nolasco has lost weight and she looks fantastic.”

Now that all the technicalities are out of the way, here’s crazy stuff Mr. Murray told us about himself.

He hates dolphins. Despises them. Mr. Murray claims that dolphins are incredibly intelligent and are plotting to overthrow us humans, then he said, “That while we’re sitting here watching “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” and our brains are rotting, they’re finding ways to kill us,” he said.

In the end, just do not bring up dolphins to Mr. Murray.

He is really into the supernatural. Except he doesn’t get involved with demonic things. The only exception is his favorite doll Harold who tortures students when they fall asleep in Mr. Murray’s class.

He speaks Mandarin Chinese and his favorite sayings are inappropriate cuss words.

These are few of the weird things about Mr. Murray and if you ever meet him in real life, brace yourself and good luck.