Why People Find Webtoon So Interesting to Read


Photo Credit: Effie.Y.

Amarri Reclosado, OwlFeed News Reporter

Webtoon is a comic book app where you can read all kinds of comics such as Superhero, Sci-fi, Romance, Thriller, Slice of life, Action, Horror, Drama, Comedy, and Fantasy. As you can see there are many comics you can read. 

But the question is why do people enjoy reading Webtoons so much and I am here to give you the answer. 

A teen named Serina Price is a big fan of Webtoons. She enjoys reading Webtoons and here is why. 

“I can read stories that artists make,” Price said. “I can see other people’s story ideas. Especially because I love to write. It helps when I have a writer’s block.” 

As you can see Price loves Webtoons for two main reasons: she can see other story ideas by other artists, and it helps her when she is having writer’s block as she loves to write, just like I do for OwlFeed. 

As you can see, people love Webtoons, but in my opinion, it is not that great because I think it would have been better if it was made out of a book instead of an app. 

I think that it would have been better as a whole book of all the comics or as a series. 

I enjoy reading the comics but sometimes it hurts my eyes and you kind of have to have your phone close to your face because the words are sometimes too small. So if it was created into one book or a book series of all the Webtoons, then I would not really have a problem with it and it might not hurt my eyes. 

I think that Webtoons are a great comic book app that you should read. Although I would rather read an in-person book than on a screen, I do enjoy Webtoons very much. 

And I do recommend that you give it a try before you decide that you don’t like it. There are lots of comics in there and it is also cool how they are all created by real people just like us. 

Pcmag.com has some great reasons on why some people are interested in Webtoons. “If you’re sick of superheroes — and in 2020 who can blame you — there’s an attractive alternative called Webtoon. The service specializes in Webtoons, or vertical-scrolling comics, from professional and amateur creators. What makes Webtoon a killer app, though, is that it offers everything to the reader for free.” 

Photo Credit: Effie.Y.

It was cool how they say why people like Webtoon because it is all completely free and we all know everyone loves free. Overall this was a great source. 

Then moving to a different source that goes a little more into detail about webtoons. Park explained that the first generation of Webtoons started as picture diaries in personal home pages. “‘Marin Blues’ is one of the best-known first Webtoon generation comics. Sunggye-goon drew his picture diaries on his own homepage and as they became popular, visitors began to write comments or messages on his homepage. 

“During that generation, most Webtoons were cartoon essays with implicative meanings. On the other hand, the second Webtoon generation began to develop more commercially. Many Webtoonists now update their works on big web portals such as Never and Daum and receive a writer’s fee.” 

I like this source because they talk about what Webtoon was like before it started to progress into a completely different thing.