OPINION: Why WandaVision is Overrated

OPINION: Why WandaVision is Overrated

Izaak Perez, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter   

  Six point five million — 6.5 million times is the amount of times WandaVision was played in America. That’s 6.5 million times that this boring show worsened Americans’ eyesight. 

People with glasses needed to get new glasses after they watched the first episode. I felt dread when my dad told me to put it on. 

The storytelling in this show is just bad, so I ended up not wanting another episode to fill up space in my memory. But unfortunately I had to burn my eyes watching every episode of the show. 

 It’s simply not fun to watch. 

The context that this show gives you is so minimal, that it feels like you’re solving a math problem while watching it. So basically Wanda created her own mini-world, and started in the 1950s. For what reason you might ask? Well, no one knows. No one knows the reasoning behind all the confusing aspects that the show throws at you.

Why did Wanda start her world in the 50s? Why did Wanda move up the decades so fast? Why did Wanda let her kids grow up on their own? Why did Wanda let her brother come to the show? It is her world, right? So why doesn’t she know what’s happening? 

It’s like the show is trying to be confusing in every way possible. Phil Owen of “The Wrap” said, “The Agatha on “WandaVision” is just a bad lady with magic powers on a quest to get more magic powers. What did she even want to do with those powers?” So because this show gives us no context, we don’t know why Agatha is doing what she’s doing, and we don’t know for sure who Agatha is.

They even manage to make their fighting scenes look terrible and annoying. In a battle for his life, Vision, a main character, stops fighting to explain something. Which not only doesn’t make sense, but it’s just dumb. I would stop at nothing to help myself survive instead of talking it out, especially after the fighting already starts. 

Even Mr. Franich of ew.com said, “Friday’s finale is a five-ring circus of pointless showdowns. Two Visions duel in the sky — and then one Vision uses his powers of Brain Fingertouching to settle everything. Wanda doesn’t understand how to use her godlike abilities — and then she does, because Agatha (Kathryn Hahn) spent last week’s whole episode telling her potential enemy how witch powers work.”

Agatha throws away basic strategy by explaining how those powers work. In the end, Agatha is defeated because of the dumb notion of giving away how to defeat her. Wanda is able to disable Agatha’s powers by listening to what Agatha told her to do which, again, does not make sense.

      “Marvel’s new mini-tv series WandaVision dropped on Disney+ today[January 15, 2021], and boy was it boring.” That was the first sentence in a blog by Nerd Opinions on Medium.com. 

And I 100% agree. Marvel is known for their great action scenes, and big budget. They somehow ended up with trash action scenes with an average $25 million used for each episode. 

Now basic writing skills will tell you how to grab the reader’s attention, but the show just doesn’t do that. Nerd Opinions also said, “Now this is not a movie, so I can’t judge it based on the first two episodes, but usually a mini-series has to be intriguing enough to hook viewers from episode one. And this applies to every single one of them. And WandaVision isn’t one of them.”

In the end, I definitely don’t recommend this garbage of a show. If you want to be bored or disappointed, go right ahead. If you want something different, but a bad difference, I beg you to watch this show, but know I’m not responsible for any loss of eyesight.