Sanai Metoyer’s Dedication and Perseverance Will Be Missed


Photo Credit: Sanai Metoyer

Amarri Reclosado, OwlFeed News Reporter 

Wow can you believe it is now May? With that being said our seniors will be graduating this year into the life of ADULTHOOD. We were only just recently allowed to come back into school and now it is the end of the school year. 

With that being said you must wonder what the students are thinking about now that school is ending. Well wonder no more because I am here to give you all the inside tea about senior Sanai Metoyer. 

“I’m going to miss the environment and the staff and just being there,” Sanai said. “It’s kinda bittersweet because four years ago I would have never thought that I would be so attached to a school and spirit and the staff as I have been and be a part of something bigger than myself. And I think that is what I’ll miss is like helping people and going to games and messing with administration, especially Mr. Molina.” 

Moving on, we then talked about how she feels about graduating with a pandemic happening.

“It honestly sucks because from a young age you dream of senior year being this extravagant time with so many events and during a pandemic everything didn’t happen as it traditionally would,” Sanai said. “But at the same time it’s amazing because it took so much and we kept persevering through it and it made me at least stronger as an individual knowing how much I could handle adversity and loss.” 

This answer was really interesting because of how she said that from a young age you dream about your high school graduation and then this pandemic happened so now it is sad. 

I love how she said that it was a good thing it happened because it made her realize how strong she is and how the whole graduating class of 2021 came though stronger as one. 

To the future class of 2022, Sanai had this to say:

“Something I want juniors to know is that it flies by so fast,” she said. “It barely hit me like two days ago that graduation is in like two weeks and it’s kinda scary. Something else I want juniors to know is to make the best of it. Your last year is your LAST YEAR to put yourself out there and really be yourself because, who cares?”

Then to wrap things up she has an inspirational quote to leave on: “One of my favorite inspirational quotes is actually from the Princess and the Frog: ‘There’s been trials and tribulations, you know I’ve had my share, but I’ve climbed the mountains and I’ve crossed the rivers and I’m almost there.’ So in general the Princess and the Frog is one of my favorite movies but also an inspiration career-wise and how I look at the world and hard work. 

Mrs. Oliva Kelly, a creative writing teacher who has worked with Sanai for a semester, said, “From what I know about Sanai, she’s accomplished representing her student body in a positive light with a passion for school spirit and energy that is contagious.” 

As you can see Mrs. Kelly has only worked with Sanai for a semester but she can already see that Sanai has accomplished many things such as representing her student body and a school spirit that is contagious.

Then Mrs. Kelly talked about what she will miss most about Sanai.

“What I will miss most about Sanai is her daily greeting, ‘Good Morning Mrs.Kelly!; with a big smile. Even if she doesn’t have class with me, she is always making time in her busy school schedule to come say hello and catch up with me and I’m very thankful for those visits,” Mrs. Kelly said. 

I think that it is pretty cool how Sanai stops by every day to say hello to Mrs. Kelly. Even though she is busy she still has time to say hello to Mrs. Kelly and I think that is pretty sweet. 

Then Mrs. Kelly expressed what she hopes for Sanai after high school. 

“After high school, I’m hoping Sanai will accomplish all of her hopes and dreams at Arizona State University and continue to inspire others,” Mrs. Kelly said. “In addition, I hope that Sanai continues to stay involved with her passions and share them with others.” 

It is always nice to see what teachers hope for for their senior students and it was nice to see what Mrs. Kelly hopes for Sanai. 

Then Mrs. Kelly left on a favorite quote that Sanai goes by: “Sanai LIVES by ‘just keep swimming’ because she is inspired by endurance and perseverance.” 

Photo Credit: Sanai Metoyer

Then Mrs. Rai, the photographer teacher and yearbook advisor, had something to say about Sanai as well. 

“Sanai has accomplished a lot,” Mrs. Rai said. “I would say the biggest one was Big Owl/Little Owl. That was completely her idea, and she did a great job organizing it. She also had plans for a student appreciation week last year, but with Covid we were not able to do it.” 

As you can see Sanai has accomplished a lot. I know that we will all miss her fun and creative ideas next year. 

“I will miss Sanai’s motivation and drive,” Mrs. Rai said. “She was always pushing us to do more and be better.”

Sanai will be missed as motivation is really important and we definitely need that at some times. 

“I hope that Sanai is able to accomplish all her dreams, and is able to have her own business helping others,” Mrs. Rai said.