Senior Goodbye: Finding Balance


Photo Credit: Sam Lopez

Sam Lopez, OwlFeed Sports Editor

Charles Dickens was SO right when he wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Of course he wasn’t talking about high school but that’s how these past four years have felt like.

I’ve somehow felt the stars but also drowned in school work and responsibilities. I’d get lucky to find the equilibrium and have everything balanced. 

Like when all my notes would be done but I know there would be even more to take the next day. I always knew no matter what, when the “next day” would come around, I’d see my friends at least.

There were people who probably didn’t even know how I was feeling but somehow were always able to cheer me up just by being themselves. I always hated waking up when the sun wasn’t even out and thought, “today is NOT the day,” but as soon as I’d get to school, my friends are there to make me laugh. 

I learned that laughing is my favorite thing to do. And making others laugh made me happy too. Taking everything way too seriously wasn’t fun. And sometimes things don’t go as planned, but if you can trust yourself, you can get through it.

The busiest year I had consisted of 5 A.M. runs, after-school cheer practice, work, then schoolwork. I forgot to breathe and enjoy everything actually going on. My life was more than I could have ever wanted and I knew all of my hard work would pay off and it does. 

Especially with the right people by your side. I cherish everyone I’ve met, even the ones that drifted away. They’ve all contributed to my growth one way or another and I hope they can say the same about me.

One of the funniest moments I’ve experienced with my best friends was when I was exhausted after a morning run, day of school, and cheering at a football game. I started to sob but laugh because of how tired I was and how heavy the traffic was to get out. I knew that this would be a regular routine so it was funny to think about how I was the criminal who made myself that tired. It was everything I wanted to be doing and it was just time to pay the tired tax.

At the moment I felt overwhelmed and drained but looking back at it, somehow that was when I was doing my best. I didn’t quite enjoy it as much in the moment because I was worried about “what ifs” and failure.

The biggest thing I learned is if I’m better than I was yesterday then it’s not a failure. If I get better at what I’m doing, then it’s not a failure. 

Even asking for help will get you through it. It may not sound hard but that was probably my biggest problem. I knew I needed help but it always felt best to do it on my own.

There’s always someone there to help you. Even if you think no one is there or won’t understand, sometimes you just have to explain. 

It’s always good to be understanding of others too. It’s not a bad thing to be compassionate because life hits everyone in different ways, whether or not you’re ready.

Agua Fria has brought me this far and now I’ll take myself farther with everything I’ve learned. I want to thank Mr. Espinoza and Mr. Haubenstricker for being the best coaches I’ve had. Both of you have taught me so much these past four years and made running very much bearable.

Goodbye Agua Fria, maybe I’ll write about you again one day!