Meet Andres Lara


Photo Credit: Rene Almanza

Rene Almanza, Lifestyle Reporter

Meet Andres Lara. He’s a 17-year-old junior at Agua Fria with a heart of gold to show the world. He is an Agua Fria lifestyle reporter for OwlFeed. Let us take a look at his upbringing and how he got here.

Since Andres was 3 years old, he would consider his hometown to be Morenci, Arizona. Andres considered it to be a comforting place to live throughout his life. He would describe Morenci as more of a factory town compared to the neighboring town named Clifton as more people focused on running the town. 

Andres’s dad would work as a miner and his mother would help kids with special needs. He helps with two younger brothers and he shows his gratitude as a family person. “I love them to death,” he said.

Andres himself has undergone such challenges as he himself has cerebral palsy, a disability he said “can affect everywhere in the body.” His experience is his leg movement, which is limited to a certain extent.

That doesn’t stop him from chasing goals from far into the future. He would like to visit the United Kingdom as he found that place to be “fascinating,” especially cities like London.

When asked about post-graduation work, he would like to pursue an engineering job that revolves around either the industrial or architecture field, whichever best suits his personality. 

“I’m very hands on when it comes to building Legos for example,” Andres said. Just as he is hands on with his building nature, his energetic nature he tends to be a few steps ahead of everyone. 

When asked what drew him into OwlFeed Journalism he specified that speaking with other people with similar interests as him would allow him to interact with more people as he goes along with life. Also, a promising goal of his is building up that self-confidence as a journalist.

He knows that despite his disability, he won’t let it stop him from reaching his life endeavors. “I can have challenges put up against me. It is what is. I’ll bear through it,” Andres said.

With the interview I had with Andres he possesses a freight train of a positive outlook in life, as he strolls along campus with dreams bigger than a lot of us. I can tell that he shows a heart full of pure gold that gets passed along from person to person.