What’s Next For Anna Salinas?


Photo Credit: Anna Salinas

Madison Heustess, Media Editor

High school from start to finish will always be an adventure. Being so used to club meetings, competitions, class schedules and friends in between, it’s hard to think of anything else. From FBLA to Improv to Editor-in-Chief for OwlFeed, Anna Salinas has been extremely involved.

Anna is 17 years old, a newly fresh senior. With the greatest four years coming to an end, there leaves a question: What’s next? 

Salinas loves TV shows and movies like Swiss Army Man, and aspires to write her own films as a career. This passion has her involved in the Film & TV Club on campus, which participates in competitions, such as SkillsUSA and FBLA.

 “It can be so stressful, and me and Faith (team member) almost cried, but it’s so much fun to do,” Salinas said. 

This adrenaline and pressure is something she enjoys, so obviously a career as a scriptwriter makes so much sense for Anna. She wants to tell stories, to create things to be seen by people, but there’s places she has to go before she can. 

When asked about film school Anna is filled with a dichotomy of emotions. “Honestly, I’ve thought of it, part of me wants to, but I’ve grown up being told that college is a scam, but I really want the experience college brings,” Anna said.
Anna has so many different interests and aspirations, but she struggles finding support for furthering her education in those fields. “I want to go to college, but my parents think so lowly of it.” 

Anna and her family know this career path can be scary. You never know if you’ll get your investment back. 

“It’s kinda like a challenge and I’m not someone who wants to back down from something because it’s difficult,” Anna said. “The only person that can hold me back is myself.”

She also expresses interest in journalism, hence her editorial role. She’s still pondering her after-high school plans and keeps a major in journalism at ASU as an option. 

So why exactly would multi-talented Anna Salinas want to stay in her home state? The answer is simple: family.

“Growing up, I’ve always been really close with my family,” Salinas said. “My mom wants me to be on my own, but she also wants me to still be close with them.”

“My brother is actually the reason I started taking this class,” Anna said. “He told me it’d be a great fit for me and he was right.” 

She is determined to be a journalist, or even a scriptwriter, and will do what she needs to do to be one; college or not.

Anna Salinas wants to make her family proud, but herself prouder.