Meet Olivia Wotherspoon


Photo Credit: Rebecca Striffler

Makayla Monreal, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

After the recent strenuous pandemic that affected everyone, we are now back in school. As we all return, diving into journalism we see a newcomer, Olivia Wotherspoon, fresh and bringing new and amazing ideas to the table.

She was born in California. She moved here to Arizona when she was 4 and has lived in Arizona since. Her dream school is to go to University of North Carolina to become a pediatric oncologist, but she will probably end up going to GCU or University of Arizona just to be safe. After high school she wants to go straight to college. “Wherever the future takes me I guess,” Olivia said. 

Olivia’s favorite hobby is photography; she’s been into it for about two years now. She really enjoys being in the dark room capturing special moments. She’s also an editor for the yearbook class. Wotherspoon really likes taking pictures of people and of architecture in black in white. ”You get to see people start to feel more comfortable in front of the camera,” she said.

She joined journalism because she wanted to try something new her senior year that could help her become a better writer and explore avenues. Olivia really likes the class. “You get to do your own research for stories and become an expert on a specific thing, then share about it to everyone else,” she said.

Being the yearbook editor, Olivia has a lot on her plate with balancing her hobbies, photography, family, and even herself. “I just do my best to manage my time and make sure that I get everything done but still make time to take care of myself and hang out with my family,” she said. She really enjoys being the yearbook editor because she gets to oversee a lot that gets done and see the creative ideas that her group comes up with.

In Olivia’s personal life, she has an older brother who graduated from Agua Fria last year and has a younger sister who is currently a sophomore as well at Agua Fria. Her brother is 18 years old and her sister is 15 years old, making her the middle child at 17 years old.  She also has two dogs who she said “are both crackheads.”

Olivia is a beautiful person inside and out and has such an amazing personality. She’s very funny and I can tell she’s very driven by the things she loves. She has such a bright future ahead of her and anyone who meets her is very lucky in my opinion.