Meet Jessica Ocampo


Photo Credit: Jessica Ocampo

Jasmine Alvarez, OwlFeed Opinion Columnist

 Meet Jessica Ocampo! Jessica is a 16-year-old junior at Agua Fria High School and has been going to Agua Fria since freshman year. Here’s a deeper dive into Jessica Ocampo’s life.

 Jessica is an independent junior with a lot of hopes and dreams. She joined journalism with the intention that it would help her get something off her chest. “Writing is easier than talking,” she said.

Jessica is very shy. She is the middle child. She doesn’t like attention. She keeps her circle small and stays out of the mix. She has five siblings and she looks up to her older sister as a role model. She has two bunnies and two dogs that she loves deeply. She also enjoys listening to Oldies.  

When asked about her future she mentioned she wanted to do cosmetology. In her spare time, she enjoys doing her makeup and hair.

Although Jessica was born in California and moved to Arizona at the age of 3, she hates the heat and misses the Cali weather. But she wishes to live and accomplish her hopes and dreams in New York.

From the little bit of time I got to chat with Jessica, I can tell she’s chill and very lowkey. She’s passionate about her cosmetologist career. I can definitely say she has goals and a bright future ahead of her.