What the Manga Tells Us About Demon Slayer Season 2


Photo Credit: CBR.com

Andres Lara, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

With Demon Slayer season 2 coming out, there is a lot we don’t know about it yet, but with the trailers, manga and episodes from season 1, we can guess what season 2 is going to be with a few arcs in there.  

From the first season, we can tell so far that in the first couple of episodes of season 2 that we will be watching the entertainment district arc, or known as the red light arc, as well as the swordsmith village arc. I can tell this can happen due to the arcs we have seen so far through the movie and the anime as well as the manga to tell the arcs so far. 

Ms. Admas, the graphic design teacher at AFHS, is a big fan of manga and she also was interested in checking out the Demon Slayer anime. “I started watching Demon Slayer. I read manga more than watch anime,” she said. “I’ve read the entire Demon Slayer manga, but I wanted to see how nice the anime looked.” 

So far in the anime and movie, we have passed the arcs Mount Nagatmuno, the final selection to the current arc we just ended on the Mugen Train arc. The characters that are obviously going to be in the new season are Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitzu, and Inosuke. Some side characters we might see for a bit include Uzai Tengan, Daki, and Gyutaro (upper moons) as well as the rare Hangzuka. 

The red light district is where Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitzu, Inosuke, and the sound Haishira Uzai Tengan go to the entertainment district. Originally the trio and Nezuko in her box were not supposed to go to the district, it was just supposed to be Tengan and the girls of the butterfly estate until Tanjiro and his friends stop him. 

They end up taking the place of the girls and go undercover with Uzai to the district where he has them disguised as women in order to sneak there to find information to see where the demon is located there. 

They travel to the district and immediately look for information on where the demon could be in. Tanjiro is the first one that is needed for help and Uzai has him help out an old couple Inosuke is the next one that is taken in by another person until Zenitzu is the last one left. Inosuke ends up losing the makeup that was put on him and the people do not notice that he was a male due to his feminine face. 

Tanjiro ends up helping a lot inside of the house and ends up meeting one of Uzai Tengan’s wives, Inosuke also tries to look for the wife but she is taken by one of the demons that was hiding in the district.  Zenitizu ends up not contacting Uzai and Uzai realizes it was his fault for bringing the kids to the district and tells them to leave the mission to him.