The Event That Has People Shaking in Fear: Halloween Horror Nights

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Makayla Montreal, Lifestyle Reporter

One of the most famous Halloween events of the year, “Halloween Horror Nights” has started in Orlando and Los Angeles and is even scarier than before. 

This year is its 30th year being open and it will feature sinister scary zones, extreme haunted houses, and other terrifying attractions. Jack the Clown will also make his sinister comeback. 

Jack the Clown is making its big comeback after being gone for a while. He made his first appearance in 2000 and comes back every few years.I’ll laugh at your screams as I emerge from the shadows when you least expect,” he says on the Halloween Horror Nights promotional website. “My maniacal laughter and infamous quips echo everywhere.” 

Jack the Clown was one of Halloween Horror Nights first icons and was so popular that he was used several more times over the years. If you go, expect to meet Jack the Clown and make sure he doesn’t catch you alone.

Halloween Horror Nights has many haunted houses, but one that should feel familiar yet still very terrifying would be the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, based on the 1974 film. This haunted house is a blood-curdling, spine-chilling walkthrough trying to escape Leatherface himself. People will go on a terrifying experience through a series of familiar scenes throughout their journey and will eventually fall to the family of cannibals.  

Since it’s the 30th anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights they are opening a new scarezone called 30 Years 30 Fears. The most feared icons and monsters are back and are taking over the streets. It’s located in the front of the entrance so the guests will experience monsters of blood and bone, frightening creatures, and chainsaw wielding psychopaths hiding around every corner.  

Another headliner at this year’s event is based on a popular Netflix television series called the Haunting of Hill House. Basically the show is about a family who experiences paranormal activity within their mansion on a top of a hill which is referred to as a Hill House. The show revolves around the past when the family members are kids and present  when they are adults. The show is like that to convey the struggles that the Crain family went through.

When entering the attraction, visitors are engulfed into the design of Hill House. Through the whole maze there are amazing sets, gorgeous costumes, and hidden ghosts around every corner ready to scare you and bring the Haunting of Hill House alive.

Also don’t forget to go in groups. You never know what could happen to you when the blood loving fiends catch you alone.