AFHS Students Say Drake’s New Album Is Solid, Not Great


Photo Credit: Damien Hirst

Aniya Allender , OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

As most people know, Drake dropped a new album called ‘Certified Lover Boy’. It came out on September 3rd with 21 songs. As most people have opinions about this album, and this story is here to get these opinions voiced. 

The first interview was with Kendall King who is a senior at Agua Fria High School. King had many positive things about Drake’s new album but saw room for improvement. 

“It was pretty solid, solid enough to have playback value,” King said. 

King would give the album a 7/10 because he knows Drake “could have done better. Also he dragged it on too long.” 

King’s favorite album by Drake is ‘Views’ from the Summer of 2016 because “he just fit the vibe of 2016’s summer, plus it’s a good album.” 

King’s favorite song from Drake’s new album is ‘Way 2 Sexy’ because it’s a good song and he likes who is featured on it, Future and Young Thug. 

King thought that Drake should’ve made his new album “because he’s been out of the game for too long and you can be easily replaced if you’re out too long.”

The second interview was with Gina Rodriguez, who is a junior at Agua Fria High School. Rodriguez would give Drake’s new album a 7/10 because, “It was good but the best song was with Future on them.” 

Even though Rodriguez thinks the album is decent, she said “It’s not worth the hype.” 

Rodriguez’s favorite songs from Drake’s new album are ‘Knife Talk’ with 21 Savage and ‘Champagne Poetry’ because of their good vibe. Rodriguez thinks that Drake should have made this album “Because it’s been a while.” 

The last interview was with Saedee Cortez-Medina, who is a sophomore at Agua Fria High School. Cortez-Medina thought that Drake’s new album was over-hyped and feels like he could have done better. 

Cortez-Medina would rate Drake’s new album a 6/10. “It wasn’t all that, plus people over hyped it,” she said.

Cortez-Medina’s favorite song from Drake’s new album is ‘Champagne Poetry.’ “Because it’s a slow chill type of vibe that [I] would listen to on an early cold morning,” she said

Cortez-Medina believes that Drake should’ve made the album. “He hasn’t come out with an album for so long and I feel it was decent,” she said. 

Out of all the interviews I realized that Drake’s album is not that bad and if you don’t listen to Drake you should listen to his new album ‘Certified Lover Boy.’

Photo Credit: Damien Hirst