Brain Engagement Over Break

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Brain Break

Let’s be honest: Those two weeks we have off for winter break can be deadly. Our brains are hit with a sudden wave of holiday cheer, family meals and sleeping in. It’s no wonder that so many of us return to school in the new year with absolutely no remembrance of what we learned before the break.

It’s awful. And we definitely don’t want to study during our free time. No fear though, I have the perfect solution to staying smart over winter break — with absolutely no studying!


  • Play Trivia Crack — Everyone’s nuts for this game — and with good reason. Not only do you get to challenge your friends and family in epic battles of wit and logic, you also learn something new with every game you play. Trivia Crack has the academic categories — math, science, lit — plus sports, music and art categories thrown in to keep the game fun!Untitled design-2


  • Exercise — Scientists have proven that exercise improves brain engagement significantly. I’m not telling you to suddenly go outside and run a 5K. That would be insane. But, taking your cousin’s dog on a walk or even 20 minutes of Just Dance with your grandma can help keep your brain engaged and prevent “holiday memory loss.”


  • Read a book — I know… #boring! But for those of you whose family are strictly no TV over break, a novel can be your lifesaver. Download an ebook or if you’re in the mood for something different, check out Wattpad! It’s a 100% free app that lets you read stories and (if you’re feeling creative) write them, too!


  • Watch TV — This was probably already in your plans. Just be mindful to stay away from mindless cartoons… Try something on the Discovery Channel, or watch an investigation unfold on a crime show. Maybe even watch a comedy show! Comedians may seem like they’re spouting nonsense at times, but they reference some pretty factual stuff.


  • Play a board game — This is a pretty old school way of spending your time. However, it may be the most effective. Playing a game of strategy — like chess — helps with critical thinking skills. Throughout the game, your mind is challenged to act strategically. Board games are a great way to engage your brain over break!

So, there ya go! Five easy (and somewhat fun) ways to keep your brain from freezing over break. Make sure to try these out and leave a comment about which strategies you enjoyed most!