OPINION: A Look Through My Lens


Photo Credit: Olivia Wotherspoon

Olivia Wotherspoon, OwlFeed Sports Editor

Photography is so beautiful and should be cherished, but it’s importance and impact is commonly overlooked in our society. Something so simple allows us to share moments that passed in an instant and to look back and relive them. 

It gives us the ability to take a moment that passed and share it with people years and years ahead, or even share it with someone who wasn’t able to be there. We see this throughout history. We have a glimpse of what the past looked like because of pictures that documented it, and the same thing will happen for us in the future. 

As a society, it’s important to cherish the photos we are lucky to have from the past, but we also must take a lot of photos for those generations to come. We have a duty to tell our story to those who aren’t living it and allow those who come after to see how life was, and we tell our story through photography. 

Photos are the single way that we can tell our story and share our experiences through time when we are no longer here to share our story. Photography is so simple and can be fun but we can’t underestimate the impact it has had and will continue to have, sharing our stories.

Besides the role photography plays in sharing history, it’s a form of art and through it, beautiful masterpieces are created. Through photography, we can play with light, capture the moments in between seconds, force perspective and tell our own stories. 

Cameras are a form of creative expression, though they can be used to capture normal photos of people or landscapes, they also can capture movement, light and sound, more than the human eye can see on its own. Photography is something so valuable and can be so much more than what it’s perceived as. 

Photography is a way to express yourself, it’s a true art. Many people can tell stories in a single photo and can share a look through their mind with creative editing and props. Photos come in all different capacities. I have so much experience in different types of photography, from weddings, sports events, and senior photo sessions, I have seen it all.

But one of the things that is the same throughout is people’s reactions to the photos. When you have a special day captures though photos you can share them and look back to remember that day that you only can experience once. Other times we capture people in a time of their lives that has so much meaning and we can look back and remember everything that was going on in those moments of time.

One of the things I love most about photography is the look on peoples faces when they see the photos taken of them. When photographing someone doing something they love and enjoy it brings them joy when you are able to capture all that love they have in a single photo. They now have something that they can keep forever that captures them doing what they love, and they’ll have it even if a time comes when they are no longer doing that. 

Photography is so important and valuable to us and can be used in so many ways, creative and meaningful. It is something that has made a huge impact on my life and I encourage you to spend some time behind a camera if you get the chance.