Meet Mr. Jovanelly


Photo Credit: Aniya Allender

Aniya Allender, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Geometry and journalism teacher Joshua Jovanelly was born on April 8, 1989, which makes him 32 years old. He was born in Los Angeles, California, to Mark and Ronda Jovanelly.

As a child, Mr. Jovanelly was an athlete who enjoyed school. Mr. Jovanelly played football, basketball, and baseball. Growing up, Jovanelly liked football and basketball the best. 

During middle school, Mr. Jovanelly used to love going to USC games with his family and watching Lakers games at his grandparents’ house. During high school, he wrote for his high school journalism newspaper and spent a lot of time playing football and basketball. 

Mr. Jovanelly’s first degree was in Journalism from the University of Southern California in 2011. He traveled all over the country for journalism. Some of the places that he got to visit as a journalist were Los Angeles, Gila River Indian Community, Flagstaff, and the Navajo Nation. 

Six years later he was married to Suzie and settled down with one daughter and one dog, a staffordshire terrier mixed with a dalmatian. His kid’s name is Lana, she is 2 years old and the dog’s name is Winston and is 5 years old.

He went to Arizona State University where he got his degree for teaching in 2016. Mr. Jovanelly says that “getting a degree in teaching was hard because [he] was also a full-time teacher at the same time. So that part of it was hard, balancing the school work with his job was challenging.” But he did it! 

Mr. Jovanelly became a teacher by joining an organization called Teach for America. He’s been teaching for eight years now, starting in 2014. Mr. Jovanelly’s favorite lesson to teach in geometry is trigonometry because “students usually have not heard about that yet.”

As I interviewed Mr. Jovanelly’s past and present students, I found out that they don’t know Mr. Jovanelly’s bad side. 

According to Everette Taylor who is a Junior at Agua Fria High School, she rates Mr. Jovanelly’s teaching in Journalism a 10/10 and Geometry an 8/10 because “[she] wouldn’t say [she] got the full experience because [they] had him online my sophomore year and mostly an 8 because [she’s] being biased toward the fact that [they] hate Geometry so it’s really not him it’s the subject.”

In Everette’s opinion, she thinks he is a good teacher because, “He is there for the students like 100%. He’s willing to sit down and understand what’s going on with you and why you’re behind on something if you are.” 

“He’s willing to give you time to sit down and like work on stuff. Deadlines he’ll extend for both subjects he teaches,” she explained.

Photo Credit: Joshua Jovanelly

“So I think overall he’s good, [he] teaches you but he’s able to break it down and teach people different ways that suit them, and then he’s able to connect with you on a personal level,” Everette said. 

According to Andres Lara who is a junior at Agua Fria High School, he rates Mr. Jovanelly’s teaching an 8/10 because “sometimes his teaching can be confusing but when it is, when we ask for help he will help us out.” In Andres’s opinion, he thinks that Mr. Jovanelly is a good teacher because “whenever someone asks him for his help he tends to get it done.”  

After interviewing these two students, I went on to interview Coach Higuera who is a Student Support Specialist, was also a coach for football, and taught Strength and Conditioning. 

In the opinion of Coach H, he thinks that Mr. Jovanelly should be a teacher 100% because “his interaction isn’t bad with him, not only as a Coach or teacher, but as a friend.” 

Coach H then goes on to explain that. “He’s a positive role model, not only a role model to our students but to other adults as well,” Coach H said. “Every time he and I hang out he challenges me intellectually, he makes me think more. He puts things in different perspectives, and the best thing is he always wants the best for everybody around him in his circle.”

After all these interviews I got to learn new things about Mr. Jovanelly. Some new things I learned about Mr. Jovanelly has no favorite siblings, his brother works at Agua Fria too, plus he went to college in California.