OPINION: Why The 2021 Met Gala Was Awful


Photo Credit: TeenVogue.com

Makayla Kennedy, Lifestyle Editor

If you’re a fashion designer, celebrity or just someone who likes to look at the amazing outfits celebrities put together, then the Met Gala is just the place for you. 

With Covid and everything shut down, the 2021 Met Gala was sure set to be big, bold, and extravagant right? Wrong. The 2021 Met Gala was less than mediocre, awful even. 

The Met Gala is an event held by Vogue for designers to show off their work and celebrities to pay a boat load ($50,000) to get in and wear an insane outfit for media coverage. In the past the themes have been great. For example, the 2018 theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” which had some amazing outfits. Chadwick Boseman wore a Versace suit, detailed with gold crosses. He made headlines with that outfit because he followed the theme flawlessly. 

This year’s theme was “American Fashion.” Very broad and trust me, nobody followed it. Most of the men there (looking at you Channing Tatum) just wore a black suit, they looked like they were going to a high school prom. 

“Madison Beer looked like she got her Met Gala dress from David’s Bridal,” said Madison Heustess, a senior at Agua Fria. 

The only person in my opinion who gets a pass is Elliot Page because it was his first big event since transitioning, so I imagine it was a very big gender affirming moment for him. 

A$ap Rocky wore a weird jacket thing that quite literally looked like a quilt found on your grandma’s bed mixed with Captain Crunch cereal. Frank Ocean carried around a neon green robot baby, need I say more with that. 

Then we have the women. Grimes decided it would be great to carry around a giant sword, while AOC decided to wear a dress with “tax the rich” written on the back. Along with them, Kim Kardashian wore a head to toe tight black outfit, with her whole face covered too, and looked like a dementor from the Harry Potter franchise. Eaddy Kiernan wore the most boring red dress, which was very disappointing as it looked like she just grabbed a red curtain and wrapped it around her body. 

Now some of the outfits hit the nail on the head. Our star, host and beautiful queen Billie Eilish wore a stunning peach colored ball gown. She looked marvelous though I will say the color could have been better. She looked like Marilyn Monroe mixed with a Barbie. 

Speaking of Barbie, Barbie Ferreira absolutely demolished the Met Gala. She looked show stopping in her beaded fitted dress and just ate the competition. Another outfit I loved was Hunter Schafer, she had on a silver top with a matching skirt, a spider on her face and white contacts. It was very unique and definitely matched Hunter’s personality. 

Some outfits weren’t the worst but they definitely weren’t the best. One being Pete Davidson’s. He had on a black skirt and a white blazer. It was not the most basic thing I saw but also was lacking. One that is a very unpopular opinion is I didn’t care for Lil Nas X’s outfit(s). He had three: a gold astronaut, something resembling a giant gold cape, and a skintight gold outfit. I just feel it was unnecessary for all those outfits. 

Another thing that bothered me was people being upset that Emma Chamberlain was there. In an article written by The Observer, they said “I’m always happy to see our generation dominate new spaces, and I don’t mind the inclusion of online personas into celebrity culture.” I agree 100000%. Emma made her YouTube channel revolve around fashion. Now that she’s blown up online I believe she deserves to be there given her contribution to the fashion and beauty community. 

All in all I just think the Met Gala this year was lacking. There was so much more they could have done and could have been so much more creative. It was the first Met Gala back after Covid and they didn’t give it their all. It was just disappointing, bland, and did not live up to past years.