Raiders Coach Resigns Amid Email Scandal

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Makayla Monreal, Lifestyle Reporter

Jon Gruden, the head coach of the NFL team the Las Vegas Raiders, has stepped down on Oct. 13 hours after the New York Times found emails he sent that were homophobic, misogynistic, and racist.

Over a period of several years, Jon Gruden has frequently used misogynistic and homophobic launguage to degrade people and mock the leagues significant changes like changing rules and protocols. He also criticized the appearance of women referees, the drafting of a homosexual player, and when players protested police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem. 

Gruden had emailed Bruce Allen, the previous president of the Washington Football Team, calling Allen the f-slur along with calling him a “clueless anti football [expletive deleted].” Gruden proceeded to bring up 2014 football player Michael Sam, who came out as gay before that year’s draft, stating that the NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell shouldn’t have encouraged the coach of the Rams to draft “queers.”

In multiple emails over a seven year period which ended in 2018, Gruden criticized the league and Goodell for trying to reduce concussions and stated that Eric Reid, a football player who kneeled during the national anthem, should be fired. Gruden also used homophobic slurs to refer to Goodell and other NFL coaches and journalists who work for the league.

Gruden threw shade at Barack Obama as well as Joe Biden, calling Joe Biden a “nervous clueless [expletive deleted]” during Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. Jon Gruden also used similar words to describe Goodell and the executive director of the NFL players association Demourice Smith.

The league has already begun investigating emails Gruden wrote that used racial terms toward Smith, describing his face and criticizing his intelligence. 

After Gruden was exposed for his emails against Smith, he then said the next day on Oct. 14 that he “went too far” and that “I never had a blade of racism in me.”

Some NFL coaches have spoken on the matter. Brandon Stayley, the head coach for the Los Angeles Chargers, gave a statement which touched many football fans across the nation, especially the people affected by these emails.

“I think about all of the people that were affected by those emails, whether you’re a person of color, your gender, or your sexual orientation,” Stayley said. “The people that were affected by those emails, that’s who I’m thinking about, because it’s a sacred mantle for someone to call you ‘coach’ or for someone to call you a leader.” 

Stayley goes on and on with his heartfelt message which once again touched many people’s hearts.

After the Raiders players were informed of the information, it was hard on the players, especially defensive end Carl Nassib, who was the first NFL player to come out as gay in June 2021. He even took a day off from practice after those emails were exposed. General manager Mike Mayock said, “He just said he’s got a lot to process,” according to an article by People.

As of now the interim head coach for the Raiders is Rich Bisaccia, who was the special teams coach before he became the head coach. This position is just temporary until the Raiders find a head coach to lead the team.