How Netflix Original ‘You’ Could Be a Scary Reality


Photos Credit: younetlfix Instagram

Olivia Wotherspoon, OwlFeed Sports Editor

The third season of ‘You’ was just released and has left viewers speechless. 

The show is beyond creepy and would be a horrible nightmare to live, but the scary reality is that it’s more likely than we think. With social media being so popular, and not many people knowing how to use it safely, someone could easily become obsessed with you without you knowing. 

Joe, the main character, is able to stalk women through social media because their whole life is put on the internet. As we watch him surf the web for information, we don’t realize that a lot of that same information about us can be found in public records. 

According to Pew Research Center, 79% of adults are concerned about how their data is collected and there really is no way to know where or who has our personal and private information. 

This shows that we really don’t know who has our information or what they’re doing with it. We should all be a little more concerned and careful about where we make our lives accessible and who can get to it.

In the show Joe, the main character, stalks many people. Through the use of socials, he finds their address, hobbies, jobs and can read their relationships with others all through public records. The victims have no idea that they have made it so easy for someone to access their information and in the end, use it against them. 

In our society, it’s not hard to get information through social media and many technological advances. Our information is out there and accessible. Public accounts can be dangerous, as they give anyone an inside look into your lives and no trace of who has visited the profile.

Although this show may seem crazy and unrealistic, we have to realize that the way Joe gets information is a real thing. The dangers of online platforms should be talked about more and taken more seriously, because it’s dangerous in the wrong hands, like Joe’s. 

In season one of the show, Joe stalks this woman named Beck. He is able to find out where she works, her hobbies, family life, friends and relationships all before he even talks to her. She was unaware he knew anything about her when they met, making her vulnerable, but she didn’t have any idea. 

It’s scary to think about all the things you know about people who you have never even talked to through the spreading of information on social media. Then think the same can go for you. Even in a private account with not much shared about your cinematic life, through your friends’ and family’s accounts, information is still out there. 

Another thing that is scary about this show is how unaware the people in their society are about each other and what’s really going on. Joe and Love, the married couple that stars season two and three, both have a way of observing the people around them in such a creepy way. They know where people go, what they do and who they hang out with simply because they are watching the people in their neighborhood and town. 

Throughout all three seasons, Joe was constantly watching and stalking people, and they had no idea. And although it’s much less common to have someone watching you than for someone to just get information about your life through socials, it’s still something we need to be aware of. 

The show was amazing and I’m not writing this to take away from the cinematic genius or creativity put into it. I’m writing just to show how something that seems like such a horrible nightmare could be a daunting reality if we don’t take the right precautions to keep our information private.