Journey of the Fashion Designer


Photo Credit: Everett Negron-Taylor

Everett Negron-Taylor, OwlFeed Opinion Editor

As kids we all thought it would be great to become a doctor, lawyer, or even a member of Congress, with the mindset that they are powerful jobs and they make the best money. 

But do we really care for them anymore? In all reality maybe we should find something we actually like to do.

Growing up I wanted to do many big things, but thought, I would never like doing this everyday. So I picked some I could actually get behind and loved to do: designing clothes to give signature looks. I am interested in putting things together, making amazing masterpieces, and making them come to life.

The idea of going out and actually doing what you thought was only a dream is terrifying. There are so many things that need to be done in order to make it a reality. Listing all the things needed to attain this goal seems like so much, but when broken down, it is a lot less stressful and will definitely be worth all the hard work.

Since I am only a junior the list is longer, as I have to want a little longer to apply to school, but it gives me more time to look into more colleges and trade schools. But most of all, more time to make more money.

Junior year can be one of the stressful times in planning for your future. The best thing to do first is looking into many schools. Personally at first I did not know if I only wanted to do trade school or do both trade school and college. I  am still on the fence about it, but because of that I plan on applying to both colleges and trade schools. 

When you start applying for schools, if you are having a hard time picking which ones you want to go to, apply to all of them. Apply to as many schools as you can. You never know what can happen and you want to have as many fall backs as you can. 

I don’t know why but the school part, for me anyway, seems like the most stressful part of it all. If given the chance, take any opportunity at a summer program or a small course at community college. 

Personally, even as a junior I know the general area of where I want to go for trade school and or college, which is California. So what I am doing is looking at the general areas of the schools that I’m interested in. Because of this, I’m looking into important information that has to do with these areas, such as the laws and the average cost for living situations. 

After getting into the school that I want to go to, I plan on starting my own fashion line. This would consist of multiple different types of clothing, such as custom made dresses, skirts, shirts, and pants. I would also like to make clothing that is not gender oriented.

According to, “Fashion Design involves work with the design and production of clothing, whether with a large manufacturer, a small specialty firm or in a one-person business. A degree or certificate in Fashion Design develops the skills necessary to coordinate original design concepts with manufacturing, marketing, and merchandising practices.” 

I am a huge advocate for making things gender-neutral or being able to customize something to somebody else’s liking. Of course, customizing things comes with higher prices. 

Because of all of these things such as prices and getting the equipment I need because of the fact that I want to be an entrepreneur, that would be me having to go out and get my things and prepare everything that I would need. 

There are so many different programs that I would love to take that would help expand my options on business, like the entrepreneur course at City College of San Francisco. “This program prepares students to become a catalyst for change through entrepreneurship- be it for economic or social impact,” according to “It also equips students not only for gainful employment but also for job creation for themselves and their communities.” 

Saying that I want to have a clothing line is way easier than actually doing it. In our time and advancement in technology, social media is a huge part of our lives. With that being said I would most likely be using social media as a way to spread word of my clothing line. I would build an online clothing website, hopefully developing it into an app off of success from the website. 

This isn’t just some plan to have a future, this technically is my dream because I’ve been into fashion at a really young age, so becoming a great fashion designer would be a dream come true and I plan on making that dream a reality.