Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles Video Game Released


Photo Credit: SEGA

Andres Lara, Lifestyle Reporter

With the release of Demon Slayer season 2 comes the video game ‘Demon Slayer the Hinokami Chronicles’, which is based off of the anime version of Demon Slayer and was released on October 14. 

The game is one of the current anime fighting games like ‘One Piece Burning Blood.’ It has characters from the anime fighting against one another until one of them loses all of their health. The game was made by the same company who made the Ninja Storm series which is a series of fighting games based off of the anime ‘Naruto,’ and made many other anime based games like ‘Dragon Ball Z’ and ‘Jojo Bizzare Adventure.’ 

The game so far has a total of 18 characters like Tanjro Kamado to Shnobu Kocho. With many other characters that come from the anime as well, there will also be downloadable characters along the way as the anime continues such as Rui and Akaza. There is also a campaign that follows the anime from the beginning to the Mugen Train Arc. This will probably get more updates as the anime continues like by the end of this year with the Red Light District Arc. 

Some players’ opinion of the game so far is that one, there aren’t enough characters with some of them just being different characters with the same moveset as other characters just with different ultimates. While with this there are also a couple of very overpowered characters as players have said about them, those characters being Rengoku and Tanjiro Kamado. Their main complaints about the characters is that Rengoku can attack you and you will be defeated very easily while with Tanjiro you can spam the same move over and over again. 

 There will be more content in this game as the anime continues which the game is based off of. While this is based off of the campaign there are some side moments you can see  according to the site

A lot of the story scenes that aren’t vital to the plot are contained in Memory Fragments, which are littered throughout the stage,” the site said. “These can be watched outside of battle and they consist of short vignettes that have additional story segments and funny side moments with the characters.” 

The basic edition of the game which is $60 at the moment will give you the game while the deluxe edition which is $70 at the moment will not just give you the game but some add ons which include different costumes for the characters Giyu and Shinobu and 8,000 coins. To be honest I don’t think it is worth it at the moment with the amount of things that are in the game such as we have very little content in the game at the moment. 

So when thinking of buying it you should wait until more content comes to the game. Wait until you’re able to play two different characters when they come out in the future.