The Atlanta Braves Take it Home


Photo Credit: All-Pro Reels/Patr

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Kendall King, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

The Atlanta Braves won the MLB World Series with a blowout score 7-0 to take it all home against the Houston Astros. 

This 2021 postseason was a great one to watch indeed. There was so much excitement and so many upsets, so no one knew how it was going to turn out.

Let’s start at the beginning of the playoffs with the Dodgers beating the Cardinals in the Wild Card Game. Then for the first series the Astros destroyed the White Sox 3-1 in a 10-1 demolition in early October.

 Then with an upset the Dodgers got put out by the Braves with a 2 wins and 4 losses, giving the Braves a shot at the World Series for the first time in years.

Ending the regular season first in the NL East with a 88-73 record, everyone knew it was time for the Braves to have a shot at the World Series. The last time they won a series was in 1995 over the Clevand Indians. 

According to Fangraphs, the Braves had “0.3 percent chance of winning the World Series.” That shows that this team beat all the odds.  

“There is no place that deserves it more than the city of Atlanta,” Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson told Tom Verducci of Fox Sports. 

The Houston Astros came into this postseason with their pedal on the gas and not letting off, although they got caught cheating in previous seasons. It seems they chose to take the clean route this season. 

The Astros just completely mopped the floor against the White and Red Sox before taking a big L in the World Series. 

This was a great series, although the Astros coming in as the underdogs didn’t have what it took to beat the Braves. Before winning against the Dodgers, no one expected the Braves to be the champions this year. Well, everyone got proved wrong. 

Mostly everyone expected the Braves to win after beating the fan favorite Los Angeles Dodgers in 4 wins to 2 losses in the National League Championship Series. 

The Astros still gave the Braves a run for their money. A lot of people thought it would be an easy sweep, but the Astros almost forced a game 7, but the Braves dodged that.

With the trials and errors they have gone through since the start of the season in February, in the end the Braves came out as the 2021 World Series Champions and every Braves fan around the world hopes to see them there again soon.