Zombies Mode in COD: Vanguard Falls Flat with Gamers


Photo credit: callofduty.com

Andres Lara, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

With the new Call of Duty comes the new Zombies mode. 

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the newest game to the COD franchise that takes place yet again in WWII. In the Zombies mode, three other players and you must go through the portals to unlock the stages of the map, unlike past COD Zombies mode where you would buy the doors in order to reach the location you can go to. 

The reactions to the new game overall have been mostly mixed, some being good, some being bad and the rest being neutral towards the game. The game mode that is getting the worst reactions is the Zombies mode which is quite surprising.

The Zombies mode is the same as its predecessors before it. You kill zombies to get points, using these points on items to keep you alive, but with a twist. Instead of buying doors like the Zombies before you would have to buy them with points the same thing with the perks now being free just you having to upgrade it. Everything else is still the same. Like the previous game, Cold War, you get to pick your weapon kit to start with. 

With the Zombies community right now the best way to describe it is a dumpster fire with the new Zombies mode in Vanguard. Not all of them are bad reactions, though. According to Forbes, “It’s a lot of fun especially if you have a good team to play with. But it does get repetitive. I’m not too worried about this because Treyarch and Sledgehammer will continue to add more Zombies content each season.” 

 With this in mind, most of the community’s problem with the game so far is that they have removed/kept things from the game, from things like ammo mods (none of them are new) as well as them getting rid of the iconic wall buys. So far, trying to find someone that plays Vanguard Zombies has been a bit tedious.

 Some things have been changed around but nothing major changed. The main objective is still clear: stay alive as long as you can, or a new one that was added in Cold War, exfil which is basically staying alive and exiting the match without dying. This might be a bit basic for a Zombies mode but it did just come out, knowing how Call of Duty is there will be some Zombies content when the first season of COD Vanguard comes. 

But it might be possible that some players’ opinions on the mode might change when the first batch of Zombies content comes out in the first season. 

Most players dislike this mode due to it being a bit more bare than before as well as it removing mechanics. As the website, Bloody-Disgusting stated, “But, the process of playing it gets repetitive quickly.” Which might lead to players ending up not liking it. 

In other Zombies mode, there was a constant battle with the Zombies with each wave. With Vanguard, however, you battle the zombies for a few seconds then do the trials and repeat, which could lead to boredom.