Agua Fria’s Student Council would like to present you Winter Spirit from January 4th-January 8th! Let ‘s start off second semester radiating with Owl Pride!

January 4th: Pajama Day- It’s the first day back to school, Seniors have senioritis, Juniors want to be Seniors already, and Sophomores and Freshmen just want summer to come. Join us by having a completely comfortable day in your school appropriate pjs.

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January 5th: Jersey Day- Represent your favorite sport team or player or wear your club jersey.
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January 6th: Weather Disaster- Come looking like a complete mess! Crazy hair, mix match shoes and socks, cut up jeans, and clown make-up.
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January 7th: Rival- Grab a friend and dress as rivals. Apple vs Android, ASU vs UofA, Black vs White, etc.
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January 8th: Class Colors- Represent your class with school colors!

Freshmen: RED

Sophomores: BLACK

Juniors: GREY

Seniors: WHITE