OPINION: Which Spiderman Swings in at Number One?


Photo Credit: Makayla Kennedy

Makayla Kennedy, OwlFeed Lifestyle Editor 

With the newest Spiderman movie in theaters, it’s sparking the age old argument about which Spiderman movie is the best. Whether it’s Tom and Tobey’s trilogy or Andrew’s double feature, I’m here to settle the debate. 

Our last place is Tom Holland and his trilogy. Now these movies are drastically different from the other Spiderman movies. Tom Holland’s Spiderman was the first Spiderman to be introduced in the MCU, so his storylines were a bit different than the traditional Spiderman movies. I didn’t like how we never got to see Peter get bit by the spider. He just mentions it in Spiderman Homecoming and that was it. He didn’t have an Uncle Ben but I did like how Tony Stark kind of filled the spot as his Uncle. 

Tom’s take on Peter Parker was just boring and safe. He’s for people who don’t like to think about their movies and want to understand it right away. He’s also a stereotypical Peter Parker with being a nerd and being smart which was boring and vanilla, he has no flavor. 

“I don’t particularly care for how he’s written,” said Korey Larson, a freshman at Grand Canyon University and a Spiderman fanatic. 

I will say though that they really showed how intense and powerful Peter’s abilities are. In Spiderman No Way Home Peter sensed a personality change in Norman Osborn without talking to him.

His movies were good though. He went from having it all to having nothing at all. He had Tony as his mentor until he died and then was all alone by Spiderman No Way Home. The storyline with Mysterio was really good and had a great segway to having a giant Spiderman crossover along with having Peter’s world crumble. Overall these movies were okay. They were a little safe but these movies made me get intrigued with Spiderman all together, so they have a place in my heart. 

Our runner-up is Andrew Garfield and The Amazing Spiderman 1 & 2. I can write an essay on how good Andrew’s acting is alone. He carried both movies on his back. When he had his mask on, you still knew exactly what he was feeling with his voice inflection and body language. “He’s very authentic,”  Larson said. 

His chemistry with Emma Stone was amazing and really added to the emotion of the movie, especially when Gwen died. Andrew’s take on Peter was one of my favorites. The “nerd gets bullied” angle in movies is so overdone. Peter in TASM was a skater boy because Peter isn’t necessarily a nerd, he’s just an outcast, because nowadays you just get bullied for being weird. 

The overall movies were great. I don’t like how Andrew didn’t get a full trilogy, so the second movie was left on a cliffhanger. “In terms of moving forward with the character, yes, I am definitely open to that,” said Andrew Garfield when asked on the Happy Sad Confused podcast about making The Amazing Spiderman 3. Fortunately, I liked the way Peter got bit, he snuck into Oscorp and into the spider room and was bitten. However, I didn’t like how he acted when he came home and was feeling the effects of the bite, making him eat everything while being drenched in sweat. It was like he was under the influence and was a little dramatic. 

I did like the villains Electro and Lizard. I think the way they had Peter meet Dr. Connors while searching for answers about his dad and the slow burn to him being Lizard was great. I enjoyed the sewer scene where Lizard found out Spiderman’s identity. 

All in all I liked Andrew’s movies. They aren’t popular amongst the Spiderman world but they aren’t awful. They’re very different, I will say, but that’s what makes them enjoyable. 

Our first place winner is none other than Tobey Maguire and his trilogy. Between his equal balance of Peter Parker and the hidden messages in his movies, I just adore it. I think Tobey portrayed a good Peter Parker and Spiderman. 

He wasn’t just a good Peter or just a good Spiderman but he balanced them well. His Peter wasn’t overly nerdy, he was just an awkward teenager and he really showed that through his acting. 

For example, in the very first Spiderman, I love the way his bite sequence went. He gets bitten on a school field trip and after is really disoriented and woozy before he passes out on his bedroom floor. He wakes up to no longer needing glasses and is more muscular than before. It just wasn’t overly dramatic like Andrew’s but was dramatic enough to know he wasn’t feeling good. 

Photo Credit: Makayla Kennedy

His Spiderman was great. He was driven by personal problems, like solving Uncle Ben’s murder or defeating his best friend, and he still ended up saving the city because of these problems. 

Tobey’s movies are my absolute favorite. They’re very unpopular compared to Andrew’s and Tom’s but the storylines are so much more thought out. 

I loved the recurring issue of Uncle Ben’s unsolved murder throughout the three movies. 

The third Spiderman is my favorite. You have three different villains, the solved murder and an underlying message about substance abuse mixed in. A lot happened but it all wrapped up well. The movie villains added a good effect to all his movies. Villains such as Green Goblin, Doctor Octavius, Harry Osborn, Venom and Sandman all fit into their respective movies well. For being made in the early 2000s, the effects on these movies were insane and crazy good. These movies will always win for me and I’d watch them any day of the week.

Spiderman will always be my favorite superhero. All three actors bring something unique to the lovable character and I love them all, just some more than others.