Meet Jesse Galaviz


Photo Credit: Jesse Galaviz

Raquel Melendez, OwlFeed Opinion Columnist

Jesse Galaviz is a sophomore at Agua Fria High School and an athlete. He is #7 on the AFHS JV football team.

I got the chance to interview Jesse earlier this month and he is truly like no one else. When interviewing Jesse he came off as having a very comforting personality and is very calm and silly, but serious at the same time.  

When I asked him how he would describe himself he used the word  “random,” meaning that one minute he can be very serious, and the next he can be laughing or telling jokes. He also referred to himself as calm, which I agree with after interviewing him.

Jesse also described himself as “low-key smart.” In other words he was unexpectedly smart especially in subjects that are unpopular amongst students like math. However, when it comes to subjects like math, other students are surprised because they don’t expect him to be good at it.

His favorite subject also happens to be math. “It’s literally so easy,” he said. Jesse is also contemplating taking Accelerated Algebra II and Pre-Calculus next year.

I then asked if high school was as he expected. When I asked this question to others, they would respond with yes, or it was worse than what they expected. Jesse’s response was quite surprising.

“No, I thought it was going to be like the movies, where you’re either popular or get bullied,” he said. “But you could literally be doing the most random thing and no one will care.” Which to a certain extent is true.                                

After high school, Jesse wants to receive a scholarship for a trade school to become a mechanic. He would also like to buy a project car, which is where you buy a kind of beat up car to rebuild and fix up. He also added that if none of this works out, he will be joining the U.S. Army. I believe that it will work out in his favor, as he is a very determined person.

Jesse’s interests consist of sports like football and wrestling with the added additions of cars, and JDM, AKA Japanese Domestic Market, which is cars that are only available in places like Japan and Tokyo and can only be imported from there. 

By reading this I hope you have found an interest in Jesse like I did. He has a very unique personality and unique interests that aren’t shared by many.