Meet Michelle Del Pilar


Photo credit: Michelle Del Pilar 

Michellw Del Pilar, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

With a thousand-watt smile plastered on her face, Michelle Del Pilar is that one person who’s shy but sweet, who will come and radiate your day with happiness every time you see her. She’s filled up with different shades of the spectrum, one who stays by your side in your highs and lows, cracking up at lame jokes and then accusing you for not laughing. She makes sure you’re laughing, and you’re having fun.

She loves music and enjoys dancing as she says “one of my favorite movies is step up.” She is kind. Michelle has an outstanding personality. She’s fun to be around. She’s very calm and very good at understanding. She loves to learn new stuff, she likes to take pictures, record videos, watch movies, and draw. What makes her happy is music,dancing, and having family time. She has patience and is respectful.

She was born in California and enjoys going on walks and going out. She’s someone who allows her friends to be themselves and not be afraid of what they think. She will have the time of her life and release her fun side. 

Michelle will be writing for the sports section for OwlFeed. She wants to draw the attention of the reader who is interested in it. The reason she chose this role is because she enjoys sports. She enjoys watching them, on game nights, with some snacks and just having fun. She likes listening to the sports reporters talking, communicating with people, getting to know the sports better and helping recognize the players. She appreciates the way sports reporters inform the readers about the news in sports games and where they draw the attention of the readers who are interested in it.

Michelle wants to be a reporter who delivers joy, takes pictures/images of the game and delivers to thrill and engage the reader. Sports form passion for people as well as athletes that become part of motivation, focus, and determination and for that reason she wanted to become a part of it. One of her most-liked quotes comes from Michael Jordan: “Never say never because limits, like, fears are often just illusions.”

Listening to the sports reporters talk and communicate with people, along getting to know the sports better and helping recognize the players, Michelle has chosen to delve and take a closer look at what the occupation may hold for herself. She has chosen this form because she considers herself to be an enthusiast in sports and would enjoy spending her days writing about the conditions in the world of sports.