Meet Raquel Melendez


Photo Credit: Raquel Melendez

Jesse Galaviz, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

Meet Raquel Melendez, a 15-year-old sophomore at Agua Fria High School, is soft, easy to laugh, and bright. Meeting her for the first time you may think she is quiet, but once you get to know her you realize she is also very bright. 

She has her own unique style that she enjoys about herself. She “slays it,” as she stated in an interview with OwlFeed News. 

When asked about her career choice after high school, she said, “I was considering becoming a fashion designer but thought that was too competitive so I settled for a psychologist or forensic psychologist.” 

As of right now, she has been taking classes to help her in this field of work. Last semester she took a class on psychology. “It was pretty interesting but I didn’t like how it was a one-semester class,” she said.

Raquel was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but later in 2011 moved to New Mexico and just two months ago moved back to Arizona. Raquel has two brothers; she lives with one. “It’s nice but we kinda argue a lot,” she said.

When Raquel was younger in her mind she thought that high school “would be like the movies.” She thought she would get bullied by the upperclassmen. In fact, this is not the case for Raquel, they “literally just don’t care.” She says she enjoys high school and that “it’s better than expected.”

Raquel also serves as an opinion reporter for the OwlFeed News. She joined because she thought it was going to be like creative writing and the fact that she just likes writing. So far she says she’s enjoying the class, she likes to work under pressure and sometimes she feels that in the class.

Raquel is also a car person.

“My main focus right now is trying to get a G35 infiniti or a 350Z,” she said. Those are well-known cars that are usually modded because it’s easy. According to, the 350Z is a common platform for people who like to drive their cars, and they have just enough power to make them fun for less-skilled drivers. Drivers looking for more power can confidently boost the two available VQ motors with the addition of aftermarket turbochargers, a modification that is common and easy to do.”

Overall, Raquel is a great person to hang with, talk with, and overall be around. She likes cars, fashion, writing and wants to be a psychologist. She has quite the full plate and still takes advantage of things to help with her future, like taking a psychology class. In other words, Raquel is smart, chill, easy to laugh, bright, fun to hang with, soft-spoken, and still cool.