Four Animes That You Should Watch

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Andres Lara, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

The number of fans watching anime and reading manga is growing all the time. I decided to recommend some great anime you should watch or ones to avoid based on my experience with four different animes.  

With starting anime a little bit before Covid happened there are some anime that you can either love or absolutely hate. It depends on what you like in an anime and what genre you like. Some genres include romance, action, mystery, horror, and dark fantasy.

Demon Slayer

The first anime I would recommend you watch is Demon Slayer, which is also known as Kimetsu No Yaiba, which is an anime where the main character Tanjiro Kamado travels along as he tries to turn his sister Nezuko Kamado back into a human. It is a mix of two different types of genres: dark fantasy and adventurous. 

If you are just starting anime it is a good starter to watch with its availability on streaming sites Netflix and Hulu, and sites where you are able to watch all other types of anime on. The second season for Kimetsu No Yaiba just came out not that long ago so more episodes are releasing as of right now. 

Agua Fria graphic design teacher and anime fan Ms. Adams said, “I’ve recommended it due to a good, concise plot, with not a lot of filler. Good characters and an interesting plot/setting.” 

The season gets new episodes every Sunday. By the time you’re reading this, a few new episodes will be out by then. 

Kuroko’s Basketball

An anime I also recommend you watch is an anime about sports or more specifically basketball. The name of this anime is called Kuroko’s Basketball, available on Netflix as well on the anime site Crunchyroll. 

The anime follows main protagonist Tetsuya Kuroko along with his team as they challenge many other teams along with the generation of miracles.  The anime has three seasons and a movie. A fourth season was rumored but based on the season and movie it is unlikely to happen as they both have endings. 

The genre of the anime is comedy and also belongs in the sports part of anime.  

Assassination Classroom

Another anime I recommend is Assination Classroom. It is an anime where students must kill their alien teacher before the end of the year and he destroys the earth. 

The main character of this anime is Nagisa Shiota. The anime can be found on Hulu and Funimation with both seasons available to watch. There are a total of two seasons on both of the sites and the anime is finished. 

The anime genre of this goes from action fiction to science fiction comedy. 

My Hero Academia

The last anime I would like to recommend is My Hero Academia, also known as Boku No Hero Academia. It is an anime where main protagonist Izuku Midoriya goes through U.A. High School as he learns to become a hero along with battling villains. 

The anime is found on multiple anime sites along with Hulu. There are currently five seasons for the anime on all of the sites I have listed before.  The main genre of this anime is action and superhero fiction, as well as comedy. There is a new season rumored to be coming out either next year or at the end of this year. For manga readers the arc that you might see in season six should be the war arc for MHA. 

If you’re looking for more recommendations beyond these four, Ms. Adams recommends the following anime: Mob Psycho 100, Jujutsu Kaisan, Naruto, Death Parade, and Death Note.