Top 10 Need To Do Winter Break Activities

By: Oumou Bah- OwlFeed

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Schools over! No more waking up early in the morning, no more notes, and no more lectures or Powerpoints. It’s not forever but at least for 2 weeks you can take advantage of the free time you have. If you are like me and you have no idea what to do with yourself but sleep, here are 10 productive things to do during the break

  1. Catch some Zzzz’s: It may not seem like something productive, but plenty of you probably have not been getting your 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night. So grasp this break to take yourself out of your sleep deprivation phase.
  2. Catch up on shows and movies: Do to constantly stressing about writing essays, working on projects, or doing some type of homework, we tend to miss out on our favorite shows or have no time to even watch tv. Take some time aside to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Scandal or any other show or movie that sparks your interest. Who knows it may be the last time for at least a good month that you have the time to.
  3. Get Swole: If you are like me, exercise is not your top priority once school starts. Or at least you use it as an excuse to not get in some work. Guilty! However with two weeks of break, don’t become a couch potato, head to Lifetime or Eos and work for them muscles you have been wanting. Don’t use the excuse of not having a gym membership or a ride to the gym as a way to get out of working out. There is various ways you can exercise at home.  Just be creative with it!
  4. Earn that $$$: For my 16-18 year olds, right now is the perfect time to either look for a job or if you already have a job, get more hours in. Without seven hours of being at school, you have seven hours that you can be working to get that dough. Get to it!
  5. Apply to Colleges: SENIORS, college deadlines are almost here. Take advantage of this free time to perfect your personal statements or start them if you haven’t. Do whatever you need to do to get in your applications in on time.
  6. Apply to Scholarships: Again Seniors and any other underclass, winter break is the perfect time to look for scholarships and get to writing essay that are needed for them. Money isn’t going to just fall on your lap or grow on a tree, you have to work for it. The best time to do that is now. Good Luck!
  7. Clean up your room: Don’t try to deny the fact that there isn’t clothes hanging everywhere or water bottles hiding in various places. It’s understandable to let your room get a mess when you’re busy, however now is the time to get it back to its cleanliness. Who knows you might find your favorite shirt or that homework you swore you did.
  8. Hang with your Family and Friends: With school, homework, club events, practice, and games it becomes hard to find time to just surround yourself with family and friends. During these two weeks, try to find the time to do something with your close ones.
  9. Read a book: For those of you who enjoy reading books but loathe the books teachers assign to you, now is your time to explore new choices. Go check out as many books YOU would enjoy and have a blast with it! No need to worry about analyzing it later and writing a essay.
  10. Do your Winter Break Assignment : Unfortunately for some, you probably got stuck with doing a winter break assignment **cough Precalc students cough**.  And you’ll either try to drop of the class or wait until Sunday night before school starts to do it. Both choices are not the way to go. With two weeks of break, space your time out and do a page or a couple pages everyday. If you really wanted to and put your mind to it you could probably finish it in a day or a week and still have a few days to relax.