Who Will Win the Race for President?

By: Alan Agundez Castillo & Miranda Cavada

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2016 USA presidential election poster. EPS 10

This is the year that America votes for its brand new president. I know, it may not seem important to some, but it will be one that will keep the world on its feet.

Each candidate has their own opinions on different world issues that could change the face of America and possibly the world.

With many interesting presidential nominees running (i.e. Donald Trump), it is our job to inform you what they have under their belts if they become president.

Before America chooses its president on Nov. 8, the primary elections happen first. Each state have different dates on when the public can vote for the Republican nominee and the Democratic nominee. The one with the most votes in each party will then represent their group for the election.

After that (when all the votes are tallied) America can finally vote for its president.

This series will be covering the views of both the Democratic and Republican candidates so there is something for everybody.

Presidential Election Candidates

4 of the leading Republican Party Candidates

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Ben Carson
  3. Marco Rubio
  4. Jeb Bush

Democratic Party Candidates

  1. Hillary Clinton
  2. Bernie Sanders
  3. Martin O’Malley