Most Anticipated Games of 2022

Photo Credit: Playstation

Photo Credit: Playstation

Andres Lara, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

This year for gaming is going to be big with the amount of releases that are planned over the year of 2022. 

God Of War Ragnorok 

The God of War series which has been going for a long time since the original God of War release was in 2005. Following the original game many sequels and prequels of it. 

The game is based around the main character Kratos as he continues his adventure from the previous God of War that was made in 2018. God Of War (2018) takes place many years after defeating the Olympian gods in the previous GOW. With this time they have to spread the ashes of Kratos’ now deceased wife in the highest peak in the nine realms.

This game is a sequel towards the one that was made in 2018 and continues where it leaves off. The game is set to come out any time during the year 2022. Like the GOW that came out in 2018 it is based in Norse mythology not Greek mythology like the other God Of Wars were based on. 

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The WIld 2

This is sequel to the first Breath of the Wild as well as being the 20th installment of the Legend of Zelda franchise. With this game being a sequel to the first BOTW we could expect it to have the same mechanics the first game had, which was an open world where players could explore wherever they could get to. It should follow the plot of the first Breath Of The WIld, continuing off where the original stopped. 

The first Breath of the Wild starts off with Link waking up in the shrine of resurrection after sleeping for 100 years. Then he exits the shrine which is at the top of a random hill. He looks around at the scenery for a few seconds then travels down the hill he is at. While doing that he sees an old man. For more information go to this story by former OwlFeed writer Jesus Cruz Valadez on Breath of the Wild

Mr. Boothman, an Agua Fria teacher and a Legend of Zelda fan, stated that he has spent “220 hours on Legend Of Zelda due to being a longtime Zelda fan” and he “was drawn to BOTW due to the characters, its story, and it being a open world type of legend of Zelda game.” 

Mr. Boothman added, “I hope they don’t change too much from the original Breath Of The Wild,” when asked about the second BOTW . 

Spider-Man 2

This game is the sequel to Insomniac’s PS4 exclusive games Spider-Man and Spider-Man Miles Morales. The trailer for the game was released sometime during last year or this year. In the trailer we saw Spider-Man and Miles Morales as well. 

Around the end of the trailer we end up seeing the symbiote Venom make an appearance. The two Spider Men were from Insomniac’s earlier games Spider-Man and Spider-Man Miles Morales. In the game Spider-Man 2, we should see the two work together as they try to stop whatever would be happening in New York City this time, as well as facing the symbiote villain Venom. 

In conclusion, I would not be surprised if one of these games were to become popular quickly due to evidence we have seen with the games that came out before them and became very popular within their communities that played them. Especially with the Legend of Zelda series, which has been creating games now since 1986. 

Knowing games like this, when they release these three it’s likely to blow up throughout the gaming community and world.