Meet Karina Barreras

By Karina Barreras

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received_438369636352203My name is Karina Barreras and I attend Agua Fria as a freshman. I was born in Mesa but raised in Douglas, Arizona, but by the time I was 5 I came to Avondale and this is where I’ve lived ever since.

I like to talk to people about different things especially when they’re going through tough times because I like giving advice to people. My dad always told me that I was a good listener and that I was the best at giving advice. Most teachers would tell me the same thing too.

Drawing, writing, and music has always been a part of me. It helps me clear my mind and set me away from things especially when I’m having a bad day. Drawing usually just clears my mind. On the other hand, writing and music pull me away from things and calm me down. Both have helped me express myself and show how I feel or how I’m feeling.

Singing is something I love to do. I sing in a lot of places but mostly where I feel comfortable, like at home or with my friends. The only public place I have sung a song was at a hospital for my cousin that was just recently diagnosed with leukemia. I think that’s the only public place I feel comfortable singing at.

I joined journalism because a teacher informed me about it and explained to me what the class was mainly about. I was interested and it caught my attention. I think it will help me with my writing and also improve my skills a lot more for the future.