Review of ‘The Batman’: The Dark Knight Rises Again

Photo Credit: Harkins Theaters

Photo Credit: Harkins Theaters

Makayla Monreal, OwlFeed News Reporter

DC fans have been waiting for this one, the new and revamped Batman, titled “The Batman.” This new Batman film may be one of, if not the best, Batman film to date. 

The initial release was supposed to be in June of 2021 but got delayed due to the pandemic. That’s why this film has been highly anticipated.

The audience mainly sees Robert Pattinson as Batman in costume most of the movie, which was a bold move from the director Matt Reeves. It gives his character a sense of hopelessness and it makes sense because this is the first time we see him as Batman. 

Pattinson really does a good job showing how dark the Batman is and how Bruce Wayne has completely removed himself from the much higher society in Gotham.

At the beginning of the film, he is very much feared by the criminals of Gotham. Not to give much away, but there is a scene in the first part of the film where they shine his light and Batman is giving this very chilling monologue and as soon as the thugs see the light they run in fear. This is one of my favorite aspects of the film because it really brings you back to the comics where Batman was feared and ruthless. 

I really love that each and every character is different, even the villains. They all want different things. They each have a different purpose and this film really goes into detail with each and every character. 

For example, the Riddler had his own purpose of his riddles to terrorize the Batman and expose government officials. As for the Penguin, he runs a club, almost like a mafia boss, and he sells drugs. 

Even Batman as the hero, his work isn’t just defeating his villains. It surrounds his internal conflict of wanting justice because of his parent’s death.

When comparing this film to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Nolan’s Batman was to inspire hope around the world. Yes, he was feared, but in Reeves’ film, Batman is out for vengeance and just overall darker. It made the whole movie and the action exciting.

This Batman film in particular differentiates itself from the other Batman films that we are used to. This film is a murder mystery in which a very stubborn Batman works with the only police officer in Gotham who trusts him, Jim Gordon. They both end up on a case that happens on Halloween night by the serial killer they call the “Riddler.” 

The Riddler, played by Paul Dano, leaves riddles and puzzles at every crime scene for Batman. Soon they realize that these riddles all lead to a death of a leader throughout Gotham like a mayor or a criminal boss with a lot of power. 

When Robert Pattinson was announced as the Batman in May of 2019, many DC fans were upset by this decision. He was heavily criticized in the media, as were the producers. Many were hesitant to see his performance due to his past roles, especially his famous role as Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” movie series. 

The long-running dislike and criticism of Pattinson’s previous movies have stuck with him. The bad cinematography, acting, and makeup had made fans skeptical as to whether he could play a good Batman. 

I didn’t think Pattinson could live up to Christian Bale’s Batman, but in my opinion, he was even better. He may not have been a good Bruce Wayne, but he was an amazing Batman.

Overall I think the movie was fantastic. The cinematography, action, actors, and plot were all a 10 out of 10 for me and it really lived up to the hype and greatly succeeded my expectations. I hope the Batman movies to come are even better.