Donald Trump’s Views

By: Miranda Cavada

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UnknownIn the 2016 presidential campaign, the candidates have been sharing their views on certain topics regarding the United States. Topics such as education, crime, abortion, civil rights, the economy, and natural resources have been discussed, and our job is to present those issues from the perspective of the Democratic and Republican candidates.

This article will cover the views on the subjects of education, drugs, immigration and civil rights of the very well known New York businessman, Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump on Education

Mr. Trump has many different opinions about the education system here in the United States. He believes that Common Core Curriculum is a terrible idea, saying that it’s proof that America is “dumbing down” as a country. However, just because he opposes Common Core doesn’t mean that all he wants to give schools more money to work out a new system. He believes that funding for the Department of Education should be cut and I mean “way way, way, down.”

As for cultural involvement in schools, he believes that learning about one’s heritage is important because Americans don’t seem to know their roots. Trump’s background is Scottish, which explains his love for golf. He explains how his background is a big part of who he is as a person, and is for everybody else.

Donald Trump on Drugs

Donald Trump agrees that medical marijuana should be legalized, however, he believes the decision overall should be made by the states. He also wants to study the legalization of drugs because he used to think that legalization (or lowering the profit of drug/tobacco companies) will lower the percentage of drug addiction.

Trump made a claim that he never drinks, smokes, or does drugs. After his brother died due to extreme alcoholism, Trump claims that he will never consume alcohol or do drugs, ever.

Donald Trump on Immigration

Trump believes that millions of undocumented Mexican immigrants should be shipped back to their home country instead of hurting the U.S.’s economy. He strongly opposes illegal immigration for this matter. Because of it, he believes the United States needs better border protection to keep undocumented immigrants from entering the country. Instead of focusing on incoming immigrants, the country should pay more attention to current U.S. citizens who are already here, according to Trump. In addition, he believes that the U.S. is the only country “dumb” enough to provide birthright citizenship, which is a law that grants any child born on U.S. soil citizenship.

Donald Trump on Civil Rights

Trump has stated that he strongly opposes same-sex marriage and is in favor of traditional marriage, saying marriage should be between a man and a woman. When asked whether gay couples should have access to “the same benefits as married couples,” Trump stated “As of this moment, I would say no and no” to gay marriage and civil benefits. Additionally, marriage should be recognized state by state instead of federally.

When it comes to political correctness, Trump claims that it’s an issue brought upon by the country, not himself. To further explain this, Trump is known for the rude and unjust remarks he makes towards people who don’t share his beliefs. For that reason he is often accused of being politically incorrect to the public eye. Instead of changing his personality, he mentions that America altogether should work towards turning the country back around.