Softball Looks to Build Up From Here


Photo Credit: Lady Owls Softball instagram

Rene Almanza, OwlFeed Managing Sports Editor

As we’re winding down to the end of the school year many new opportunities have opened up for athletes across Agua Fria.

Over this last year I’ve been meeting with individuals on sports teams, an experience I’ve never had the pleasure of until this year. For me to experience and have a thorough understanding on topics that they’re passionate about is truly special.

I had the pleasure to speak with Coaches Borges and Lopez on what is their mindset and feelings when it comes to AFHS softball and what it means to be a coach on this team. The valuable lessons and perseverance they teach echoes throughout the field.

With Coach Borges having nine years of coaching experience at Agua Fria, this is the first year that he’ll be working with the softball team.

He’s able to get the full attention and respect from his players and coaches from all different aspects of the game, and is able to execute the game plan from his previous coaching years into one combined effort.

However, it has been a rocky year for the team altogether. In their latest game on March 21, 2022, the team would fall 20-1 against Kofa over at Yuma. On March 19, they lost 15-3 against Cesar Chavez. The team has a record of 3-10 this year.

I looked to find out what is next for this team. It’s on everyone’s mind to be the best player they can be but what are some key stones we must lift in order to achieve such a standing and build up confidence?

“This group in general is very dedicated, playing to their full potential,” Coach Lopez said. “Their mentality is that no matter what game it is we have a chance to win and that’s what I like a lot about this group.”

With many athletes seeing the record the softball team has as of now, their mindset becomes bleak, in the notion that any chance of playoffs has gone away. Nevertheless, their voice and passion to play the game they love dearly no matter the circumstance.

“We’re going to prepare for La Joya like we do with every other team,” Coach Lopez said. “Do the things we need to do on the field and the rest will take care of itself.”

Implementing ideas such as these allows the team to strive forward and not fall behind in key elements of the game. With such a vigorous course the team has to overcome, it will show the amount of effort and determination this team has.

Which is why on March 26, 2022, they showed up to La Joya, defeating them 15-0 and leaving them no room, completely dominating at all fronts of the game. Although, on that same day they lost to Paradise Valley 15-2.

Not all teams are perfect in every sense of the word. There will be times that inconsistencies will be highlighted even when the players on the team put in everything on each play.

Allowing them to impact how you play the game is the key difference. Coaches tell players to embrace the mistakes as stepping stones to fulfill your true potential. 

In turn it will provide you with a better knowledge and commitment for the game. Growing pains to this extent will live with you throughout your life, but will you come to terms with it, is the question.

Comprehending the way you play and your method makes you a phenomenal person either outside the field or anywhere you go. Every athlete has the ability and grit to reach such a height and I know the players and coaches from the softball team will reach that goal in the foreseeable future.