Top 4 Forgotten Video Games

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Francisco Camarena, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Hundreds of games come out every year but these four games fell through the cracks. They were popular when they came out but later on these games disappeared but can still be sold on shelves. 

In this article, I’ll be going over the video games that some remember and ones that people have forgotten about. 

Sleeping Dogs

The first game I’ll be talkin’ about is “Sleeping Dogs.’’ This game was released on August 14, 2012, and it’s not a puppy game. Don’t let the title of the game fool you. This game resembles a GTA game but with different gameplay.

In this particular game, you can’t buy guns because civilians can’t have weapons due to them being illegal in Hong Kong, which in the real world is actually true. The only places to get weapons are either missions, rival gang members, or they can be equipped when you buy legendary outfits. 

You play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop who has been assigned to a job to clear up some charges against him due to his failed drug deal, sent on a mission to inspect the triads in the city of Hong Kong. 

I originally played Sleeping Dogs in 2014, which was two years after the game came out. The best version of the game is the definitive edition where you unlock DLCs (downloadable content.) While they aren’t exactly my favorite cause after free roam it just got boring and pointless, I still enjoyed the “zodiac tournament” DLC.

The definitive edition comes with iconic Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee outfits from all their famous movies and tons of other outfits. 

Sleeping Dogs is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and macOS if you’re interested in playing it.

DC Universe Online (DCUO) 

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DCUO was released on January 11, 2012. This game puts you in a PvP world full of players. You can create your own character, pick your own outfit, superpower, mentor, weapon, and pick a side, hero or villain. When you get out into the world of DCUO, you see famous villains and heroes.

You’ll either be helping the heroes destroy the villains or side with the villains taking down the heroes.

After taking down either side and finishing the story mission, there’s portals and events with different worlds. They come from previous comics and DC to upgrade your character’s combat rating. Combat rating is sorta like levels to help with your PvP to become a good fighter against other players.

I’ve mostly played it during quarantine and still continue to play it to this day. I joined a league in 2020.

After the league split up I’ve been on my own waiting for another league to accept me into their family. But I’m not the only one who plays it. In fact, I recently interviewed someone who played it.

Andres Lara, a junior AFHS student, said, “It’s good but not bad [except] in the middle, and if you like RPG games and DC that’s the right game for you.’’

He’s not wrong about it. It’s no GTA where you get griefed out of nowhere. In this game, you can’t get attacked on sight but if you want to challenge a player you can go to settings and turn off PvE or you can ask them to duel you.

Mad Max

The third game I’m going over is “Mad Max.” It was released on Sept. 1, 2015. If you’ve heard the name, it’s probably because you watched either “Road Fury,” “Road Warrior,” “Beyond the ThunderDome” or the first movie. 

“Beyond the ThunderDome” was a prequel to “Fury Road,” the last Mad Max movie. To understand why in Fury Road Max was hallucinating all those people in the movie, the people Max was hallucinating were mentioned in the game. It was said that Max couldn’t save them. In the game Max was trying to reach the “plains of silence,’’ trying to find peace after a long struggle across the wasteland. 

However, you encounter Scrotus, the second anti-antagonist from Fury Road. He steals Max’s car the “magnum opus.’’

There are multiple missions. I haven’t played the game yet but the combat skills are compatible with the Batman Arkham games from what I’ve seen and heard. I recently watched the gameplay of it which seems interesting. I discovered the game back in 6th grade after scrolling through YouTube. I plan to play the game sooner or later.


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The last one I’ll be going over is a game I played called “Brink,” which was released on May 10, 2011. Brink sort of resembles Overwatch but it came out before Overwatch. My dad showed me a video of the game and afterward, I played it and began to have fun with it. 

The story is about two sides, Security and the Resistance, fighting against each other in a floating city called the Ark. The city is above a flooded earth due to global warming leading to a dramatic rise in sea levels around the world, causing most of the known landmasses to disappear and civilization to collapse.

You can join the Resistance, which is led by Brother Chen. Chen played a significant part in the Ark’s design and construction. However, he became angry at the Founders’ and Security’s decision to ration water and isolate the Ark’s refugees from the rest of the island while Security and the Founders live in relative wealth. If you’re planning on taking down the Ark or joining the Security force, that is led by Captain Clinton Mokoena. 

Security’s point of view is very different from that of the Resistance, whom they view as terrorists with dangerous ideas and goals that could eventually destroy the Ark. 

However, Ark security’s goal in the game is to stop Chen and his terrorist plots, protect the Ark’s remaining resources, and maintain control over them to persevere the founder’s vision of the safety of the island. 

I’m glad that you read my story and I hope you’ll get to play these video games in the future.