Meet new OwlFeeder – Devine

By Devineseed Olorunfemi

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IMG_20160119_151955Hi, my name is Divineseed Olorunfemi, but I go by Divine. Even when I am introducing myself I say my name is Divine because for some reason people have a hard time saying the full name.

I was born in Nigeria, which is in Africa. I moved here when I was 6 years old and I have been here for almost 10 years. I like living here so far, success is easier to accomplish in America with the resources given than Nigeria.

I don’t really know much about Nigeria because I was very young. Throughout my life I have moved to several schools. In elementary I moved to four different schools: Bradley Academy, Imagine, Crown Charter, and Legacy Traditional School.                        

I always enjoyed writing, especially mystery and fiction. I love playing basketball for fun, but not for the school or a club team because the tension of meeting people’s expectations. When I make a mistake, like falling or not making a clear shot, I would be laughed at and people would look down at me. So I prefer playing private than in public.

I have a very creative mind and want to direct it in a positive way. I like to write and love sports so I thought, why not journalism. It will help me to be more social and be able to show the world my creative mind. It will allow me to do the thing that I like and to do it well. I love writing but not really like reading so when I join this class it will help by reading something that I like.