Russian War in Ukraine Continues After Two Months

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Jesus Ortiz, OwlFeed News Reporter

 For the past two months, Russia and Ukraine have been at war after Russia invaded its neighbor. 

Russia, the big and mighty country, still has not taken control over Ukraine, and could possibly be losing the war. We have not seen this type of conflict since the Cold War. As time goes by we may expect things to get even worse.

The last time OwlFeed reported on the conflict in Russia and Ukraine, this conflict was barely getting started. Russia had made it well known that they were going to invade Ukraine and that they had declared war on Ukraine, about two months ago. Since then a lot of things have gone on, from more airstrikes to even bombing in major cities. 

Let’s start off by talking about the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. When the invasion started Russia’s main target was Kyiv, claiming the capital would give Russia a big advantage in the war. However, Ukraine has put up an incredible resistance, which has made Russia make almost no headway in capturing the capital in the last two months.

On March 16, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, asked the U.S. for help with supplying Ukraine with essential things. President Zelensky also asked for the U.S. to implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine. 

Now you may be asking what is a “no-fly zone.” According to Collins Dictionary, it says “A no-fly zone is an area of sky where military and other aircraft are not allowed to fly, especially because of a war.”

The U.S. agreed with helping to supply Ukraine with essential things. Although the U.S. will be helping Ukraine, they have made it clear that it will not intervene with the Russian military. 

Micheal N. Schmitt, a writer for Lieber Westpoint, said, “The Biden administration has made it clear that the United States will not intervene militarily, even by means of a no-fly zone designed to facilitate evacuation of civilians and stop Russia’s targeting of Ukraine’s civilian population. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained, a no-fly zone is escalatory and could prompt a war with Russia, a major nuclear power.”

Even though the U.S. will not be helping Ukraine with a no-fly zone, Ukraine has put up a good fight against Russia’s big and more advanced army. 

The people of Ukraine are kind-hearted as well. Many social media clips have come out of the Ukraine people comforting the Russian military. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has reported on these videos and is showing the Ukrainian people standing up to the Russian military. 

As the war continues, many new things will be happening. Ukraine has spoken with leaders around the world and has tried getting the support of the United Nations and the Europe Union. Most have agreed to supply Ukraine with essential supplies, but will not be intervening with Russia militarily. Many have spoken out, saying it’s too risky and could cause damage to foreign relationships. 

Just outside the capital of Ukraine, many things have gone down. During the first wave of the Russian invasion, Russian soldiers were shooting at a Ukraine power plant. In fact, this power plant is the largest power plant in Europe!  

According to World Nuclear, this was the first time that forces damaged parts of the power plant. “Fighting between forces overnight resulted in a projectile hitting a training building within the site of the six-unit Zaporizhzhia plant. The SNRIU said a resulting fire at the site had not affected ‘essential’ equipment and that plant personnel was taking mitigatory actions.” 

“There was no reported change in radiation levels at the plant and the six reactors were not affected. Russian forces took control of the plant. Energoatom informed the IAEA that the plant had been allowed to change work shifts,” they continued.

War is something that is terrifying, but more for the citizens that have to live through it. Not knowing whether or not your home is going to be there tomorrow is what these people have to live through. Going through this is terrifying, just days after Russia declared that they would invade. Many homes and establishments were destroyed to pebbles.

On the Russian side of this conflict, many Russian influencers have spoken out on their platforms to protest the banning of brands. The New York Times reported that “More than 400 companies have withdrawn, at least temporarily, from Russia since it invaded Ukraine.” 

One brand, in particular, that has got backlash from Russian influencers is Chanel. The company decided that it will no longer keep its stores open and will not be selling its merchandise to people who intend to use it in Russia. 

On many of these Russian influencers’ platforms, you can see them cutting up their Chanel bags. Marina Ermoshkina, an actress and TV presenter, recorded a video on Instagram of her cutting up her Chanel bag. Under that Instagram video, she captions “No bag, [or anything is worth more than my] love for my homeland.” Many of these Russian influencers are calling Chanel out and saying that they are spreading Russophobia. 

For the last two months, Russia has been hit with many sanctions. Many of these stations have been imposed by the U.S., the Group of 7, and the E.U. They have all collectively come together to try to pause Russian business, as punishments for the invasion of Ukraine. 

The White House wrote, “As one part of this effort, the United States is announcing devastating economic measures to ban new investment in Russia, and impose the most severe financial sanctions on Russia’s largest bank and several of its most critical state-owned enterprises and on Russian government officials and their family members.”

During this tough time, many Ukrainians have fled Ukraine and have set their sights on The US for safety. Many of them have gone to Mexico to try to get into the US, from its southern border. 

Priscilla Alvarez, a CNN reporter, said “The Department of Homeland Security processed more than 20,000 Ukrainians at the US-Mexico border and granted them humanitarian parole since March 11, when officials began exempting them on a case-by-case basis following Russia’s invasion, according to a newly filed court declaration.” 

 Alvarez and fellow CNN reporter Christian Sierrathe quoted Alejandro Mayorkas, the  Department of Homeland Security secretary: 

“We believe that if indeed Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine want to come to the United States and seek relief, humanitarian relief here in the United States, the most effective and efficient and assured process is to actually proceed through our means that I have outlined directly and not seek to go to the southern [border], to Mexico and enter through a port of entry. That is not the way to do it.”

As time goes on, we could only expect things to become bigger than they already are. It’s only been two months into the war and lots hs gone down, and over time this conflict could get further out of control.