Meet our new math teacher Ms. Jindani!

OwlFeed – Esli Soto Vega

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Say hello to Ms. Jindani, one of Agua Fria’s new Teach for America teachers, who is educating students on Financial Literacy.

To many people, The Game of Life is just a board game, but to Ms. Jindani it is the fun and practical way of teaching essential life skills to students, including how to save and budget money. For those of you entering your senior year, Ms. Jindani might just be the person you need to meet.

Her goal as a teacher is to have students understand what they are capable of and have them never settle for anything less. A mentality, she refers to as “being a warrior.” However, this goal is not limited strictly to her students, but extends to anyone seeking help in her field of knowledge.

Not only does Ms. Jindani specialize in finance, but also knows many legal and business related concepts as well. In fact, she is very much interested in starting a Speech and Debate team or a Model United Nations club.

The Speech and Debate team would involve mock trials focused on developing public speaking skills for anyone interested in law. Students interested in law and politics should consider the Model United Nations club, which would include conferences intended to improve their speaking and writing skills.

Although this is her first year teaching, Ms. Jindani has already captured the #BeAnOwl spirit! She wholeheartedly believes that being an Owl includes “pushing hard to achieve what you think is important.” Whether it be pursuing sports, the arts, or academics, this could not be more true in the hearts of Agua Fria students.

If you have any questions for this remarkable new staff member, please do not hesitate to stop by her room in C2! And be sure to go to our basketball games this upcoming season, you are likely to find Ms. Jindani cheering in the stands! She has a deep love for the game, and of course, the Owl family.