Staff Goodbye: Dedication Sees Dreams Come True


Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of Mr. Lewis

Drew Lewis, AFHS Athletic Trainer

Graduating Class of 2022 –

I am so proud of you! Getting to know each of you during my Agua Fria experience has been such a privilege and honor. I will forever cherish the memories we’ve made whether it was in the classroom (remote or in-person), the athletic training room, during an athletic event, or even just through passing. 

Enjoy the celebrations as your hard work, resiliency, and determination over the last 4 years have awarded you with your high school diploma and an opportunity to move on to something bigger in life. It wasn’t a normal path, and to most, I’m sure you thought this moment couldn’t come soon enough. 

Some of you may have feelings of excitement as you begin to embark on a new journey where you’ll be pursuing further education, joining the workforce, or even taking time to see the world. Others might have feelings of nervousness as you think about leaving home for the first time, saying goodbye to friends for a while, or are lacking confidence in the plan you’ve set for yourself. 

No matter your current state of emotion it’s important to reflect on the growth and successes you’ve just achieved! Understand, life will continue to throw obstacles at you, but with the continued hard work, resiliency, and determination that you’ve shown you’re capable of, the positive outcomes will prevail. 

As Kobe Bryant once said, “Dedication sees dreams come true.” Let the dedication toward your craft, your education, your career, your passion lead you into the bigger and better things of life. 

Thank you, Agua Fria Graduating Class of 2022, for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful experience. Once an Owl, Always an Owl!

-Mr. Drew Lewis