Olivia Wotherspoon: Doing It All With Kindness and Pride


Photo Credits: Sarah Carter

Michelle Del Pilar, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

The hard-working, motivated, kind-hearted, humble, and outstanding woman, Olivia Wotherspoon is a senior at Agua Fria High School. She has been a student in Agua Fria since freshman year. 

She goes beyond and above to do the best she can, as she takes pride in her work, showing leadership and enthusiasm to help others during her high school career, giving her best effort helping in StuCo, Photography, Link Crew, and Journalism as Sports Editor.

She enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and hanging out with family and friends. She also “loves photography and making people feel confident about themselves in front of a camera,” she said.

Olivia Wotherspoon is a member of the journalism class. She joined journalism with all the new experiences going upon her. She wanted to try something new and it ended up being super fun for her. She loves Mr. Jovanelly, the journalism advisor, and the class is definitely one you can learn from.

“It was my first year and I was a sports editor because there was nobody else to do it so I was learning something new, learning how to write but then also the other side of editing,” she said.

She is also in student council and is the yearbook editor, which has been super fun for her as she documents all the things that have gone this year. She also does photography outside of school. 

She loves photography and the creative side of it. She joined to get more involved and run events from school. Olivia has given her many qualities to contribute and make the school better with her performance. 

With all her involvement in school, Olivia always finds a good balance of taking care of her extracurricular responsibilities but also keeping up with her grades. Time management is her way of balancing doing all these things.

Since freshman year Olivia has said she was in her shell but soon realized it was time to try something new and not let her fear get to her. She then decided to join these classes and electives.

Olivia wanted to be involved in high school. “I want to make a difference in school,” she said. She believes in her own set of values and principles.

She enjoys being at school as she loves meeting new people and getting to know them, as she has met amazing people during her high school.

Her plan after graduation is to go to GCU to pursue a degree in biology and go to medical school after that. She also wants to get the university experience.

We haven’t known each other for long but I can tell you everyone around her loves her. She is an outstanding person and lights up the room. She is the person who will come and radiate your day with happiness every time you meet her.

Her best friend Alicia Cordova is a student here in Agua Fria and is also a senior. She played volleyball for four years and is also senior class Vice President. She met Olivia freshman year in English class and felt intimidated by her. Later then, they sat for lunch with some other friends, started talking more, and got closer and closer. Since then, they’ve been best friends.

Olivia is caring. “Her smile lights up the whole room,” Alicia said, adding, “Our friendship is great. She’s such a genuine person and hilarious and if I need someone to cheer me up and joke around with, she’s the person to go to.”

Mrs. Snell is a freshman English teacher here at Agua Fria as well as the swim coach assistant and the Link Crew advisor. She has known Olivia since freshman year and mentioned that Olivia is hardworking, kind to her teachers and a really genuine person.

Mrs. Snell said as her Link Crew advisor, “It is clear that Olivia takes pride in helping others and she does a great job making everyone around her feel comfortable and welcome!”

Mrs. Snell added, “I would like to think that I have made a difference in Olivia’s education because she has certainly made a difference in my life as an educator. I am humbled to have been able to witness Olivia take advantage of the many opportunities afforded here at Agua Fria. She will definitely be missed, but I am excited to see where her future takes her!” 

Olivia has made the most out of her years at Agua Fria High School. Her senior experiences have been so fun coming back from Covid. Prom, school events, games — overall, the four years have been great for her.

“I love Agua Fria, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else,” Olivia said.

Olivia’s advice for lower classmen is, “Don’t be afraid to be yourself, don’t let opportunities pass you by just because you’re scared or nervous. Try something new.”