Who Will Win The Race For President?

By Alan Agundez Castillo

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Unknown2016 will be an interesting year for the American people and will probably go down in history.  With different people running for president having their different opinions on sensitive subjects, it’s our job to inform you about their political views.

Hillary Clinton is a very well known political figure in the presidential race. She is a strong-willed woman that makes her one of the favorites for president.

She was Secretary of State for the United States for four years and tried to run for president back in 2008. Also, she is the wife of past president Bill Clinton. And as usual, we will be focusing on her stances on Education, Immigration, Drugs, and Civil Rights.

Hillary Clinton’s View on Education

Clinton has many different opinions on subjects within the category of education. On education funding, she wants to let community college to be free, however, it won’t be for everyone. She also wants to refinance all college debt for 40 million Americans.

Clinton also supports teaching the Bible as history and literature, however, not as science or as a religion. Also, she is in favor of Common Core.


Hillary Clinton’s View on Drugs

She supports the use of medical marijuana and wants to stop the arrest of marijuana users because the prison system would be filled with nonviolent, low-level offenders. She wants drug diversion programs and more community policing. She wants medical marijuana to be legal, however, she wants to leave the decision of whether it should be used for recreational use up to the states.


Hillary Clinton’s View on Immigration

Clinton is in favor of protecting the rights of illegal immigrants. She says that immigrants keep America young and dynamic, meaning that because they are young, it keeps the average age of Americans younger. Also, she wants undocumented immigrants included for in-state tuition and for healthcare coverage.


Hillary Clinton’s View on Civil Right

Clinton has many different views on civil rights. Concerning women’s rights, she wants women to be working in public service projects and by 2050, she hopes that 50 percent of workers are women. She also wants to help eliminate the pay gap between men and women by letting women know if they are being underpaid. In the subject of gay rights, at first she didn’t believe that LGBT people should have the right to marry, but she has changed her mind concerning this topic. She now believes that same-sex marriage should be allowed.