Anna Salinas: The Masterful Media Mentor


Photo Credit: Jasmine Salinas

Andres Lara, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

Inside of a classroom, senior Anna Salinas is working to make sure that the stories she is editing are ready to be published, as well as making sure these stories are able to be seen by many different people. Meanwhile, she’s also writing stories of her own that she hopes can be posted and seen by the school. 

Anna Salinas is graduating from Agua Fria High School while leaving her mark in the classes she took. She has taken both journalism and film for a good amount of time. She has been in journalism for two years, including serving as the OwlFeed editor-in-chief in the fall of 2021. She was in film for three years in a row. 

When she first started at Agua Fria she signed up for film class because her older sister wanted to take it. 

“I wasn’t planning to stay in the class for three years, I just got hooked onto it,”  Anna said. 

She originally was going to do the one year of film but many components made her want to stay, including the teacher Mr. Brumbaugh “since he was a comforting teacher to have.” She was able to discover that she was able to have many different careers in the future that she would be able to do from taking his film class. 

Mr. Babyar, Anna’s junior year film teacher, said that Anna “always had her work done and always had strong work that was submitted, and stepped up and was an officer for FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America).” 

She would be in the leadership role most of the time in the film class, either helping the students who needed it or having things done on time and helping the students who were stuck on any of the work they were doing. In general, she left a big mark in the film class. 

During this time, Anna was also in journalism. In the first semester she wrote for the Lifestyle section of OwlFeed. At the same time she was also the media editor, whose job is to post the stories to

The next semester she did editing for the Lifestyle section and would edit stories that came her way. During her senior year of high school she was the editor-in-chief in the first semester and in the second semester she was the news editor. She was a media editor for both of her two semesters during her senior year. 

She was also able to juggle both of the classes from her junior year since during this time it was online and had them in different parts of the semester. “Second semester I had them at the same time but I was at home and had nothing else to do,” Anna said.

Anna wanted to do journalism due to her liking to write and because her older brother liked the class when he took it and told her it was fun. She also had the journalism teacher Mr. Jovanelly the year before so that was another main component. 

Anna was able to write stories that were important to her or were just goofy and silly to write, as well as talk about the amount of things that happened in the media. This is how she ended up in the Lifestyle section of OwlFeed. She also wanted to make something that the entire school would see. 

Makayla Kennedy, one of her friends that Anna has known since childhood, said, “She is very fun to be around when she is with her friends.” 

During their junior year, Anna would be able to provide the editing on the stories back to the writers very quickly and get it moved on as fast as she could. However this year, Makayla said, “This year is a little bit different since me and Olivia are in the same class so we tend to talk a little bit more.” So they would be able to work and be able to talk with one another as they finish up giving the writers back their edits a bit later then they would usually get them but they would get them in time. 

All of the people who have met Anna would give very positive feedback and speak highly of the things about her and the things she has done. May the future be as pleasant to Anna as her time at this school was to her.