Born Pink

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Nova Washington, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

‘World’s biggest k-pop girl group’ also known as BLACKPINK has announced on 7/31/22 that they are working on an album called ‘Born pink’. Blackpink is one of the world’s most loved k-pop girl groups and they are seen as idols by many. They met in 2010-2016 when YG Entertainment held auditions worldwide for preteen or teenage recruits to create a new girl group. Jennie was the first group member, she joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in 2010 after moving back to South Korea from New Zealand. The new girl group’s second member, Lisa, was the only person among 4,000 applicants to pass the 2010 YG Entertainment audition in her native country Thailand and became the label’s first foreign trainee in 2011. Jisoo as the new group’s third member became a trainee before landing a spot in the band in 2012. Then last but not least Rosé became the fourth and final member as a trainee in 2012.

Ever since COVID-19 hit, the girls were prevented from going on tour so the group of four decided to give a show to their fans at home with a digital concert. After the concert died down two of the members, Lisa and Rosé, went out and released solos while Jennie and Jisoo moved forward with their acting careers. Now the group is back together and working on something new and their huge fanbase called ‘BLINK’ can’t wait for this album to be released. So far there have been more than 1.5 million pre-sales for this album. 

On august 19th, they released the album’s very first single ‘pink venom’ and so far it has gotten an impressive amount of 274M views and has received some good feedback. They partnered with Youtube shorts and created their own challenge called ‘#PinkVenomChallenge’ and encouraged fans to film and upload their own take on the song’s amazing choreography. This challenge has gotten 68k videos under the hashtag and overall got 35k channels to participate, it was definitely a great and fun way to get fans hyped up for this album.

As most know, had been on hiatus for almost 2 years (491 days to be exact), since their last comeback “Lovesick Girls” was released in October of 2020. This isn’t new for these girls either, who had another long hiatus between ‘Kill This Love’ and ‘How You Like That’ that lasted for almost a year. BLINK has come to accept that Blackpink isn’t able to release music as often as other groups. Due to this post or so everyone believes, this post claims that the new group is being produced by Teddy, who has often been called “the 5th member of Blackpink”. Fans are thinking that since he’s been busy getting the new girl group ready, he doesn’t have much time to work with blackpink. It seems possible that Teddy’s focus on the new girl group could have played a part in blackpink’s hiatus. Thankfully, blackpink is coming back and releasing an album that all of BLINK is super excited for.

On 9/13/22 a teaser was posted for the albums next new single, ‘shut down’ and within 15 hours of the teaser being out, it had  8,618,316 views and 1.6M likes. You can see all of the excitement in the comments so overall everyone loves the teaser and is going crazy over this album. Most people think this album is going to be a masterpiece and are counting down until the day comes and so has Jisoo. In an interview, Jisoo was asked how she could positively use the pressure from releasing a new song, Jisoo said, “If you believe in yourself, don’t get swayed easily by your emotions, and do your best in every moment, you won’t have any regrets later.” Then she adds “This year, above all else, I want to show a new side of myself as an artist. I hope that I can convey happy energy to others through music.” Jisoo then later says, “I missed you so much and I’m counting down the days until we meet again.” The BLINKs are so ready for this comeback and I’m sure Blackpink is too.