OPINION:The Brain’s Complexity


Photo credit: eggsperience.com

Gabriela Leon, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

When we were kids we felt unstoppable, we used to imagine that we could have superpowers like the heroes in our favorite t.v series or movies. Ven though we can’t fly or have superspeed we have been recorded in human history to be a little bit stronger and run just a little bit faster when we sense danger for ourselves, our friends, or our family. 

For a lady in Georgia it was seeing her son under his car and not moving. The mom managed to lift the car four inches off the floor to save her son, and take him to the hospital. No one knows if this was adrenaline or pure strength but given the circumstances they will never know since these kinds of experiences are life or death. Aving to conduct this experiment would harm someone or have the appearance of someone being harmed which takes a toll on the brain and it’s outlook on the world. 

At a very young age we develop our opinion on the world around us, some see it as a kind and planned out miracle. We get to live in others see it as something that’s been around forever and we are simply getting lugged around on it and how you look at the world is your perception of it but why? Well your brain tells you what it’s observed and tells you what it  believes the world’s pure deception is. And it is dictated on what you have experienced, what you have learned and what you didn’t learn about. 

Perspective it’s why some people can love with their heart on their sleeve and others have a hard time falling for some people. It’s why people are quick to assume and others are a little bit more gullible, it’s the reasons people’s opinion on certain things differ from others. “Memory is a tricky thing. Our past, present, and future are intimately linked by our memories. The brain is not a true recording device that can recall any moment in time and accurately depict what happened. Our minds play tricks on us. Memories are heavily influenced and based on feelings we had surrounding the event or experience.”  (Eggsperience Pg1 paragraph 2) 

The brain is a crazy and uncontrollable thing, it makes you love and hate and change the outlook on life completely. It heals what’s been broken, it’s the reason we communicate, and comfort, cry and live. All those amazing things that everyone says that’s what makes us human, every flaw, every quirk. It’s your brain developing and adapting and coming into this world, the brain can give us physical strength or mental strength and it’s more complex than we’d like to think. It’s the reason we asked “why” as a kid and we still do as an adult. We are limited to only restraints that we give our-self but are they really restraints or just goals.