Stray: The Uprising Cat Game

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Mushroom , OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

A cat game mixed with steampunk cities, welcome to Stray. Stray is a popular cat game that was published on July 19, 2022 by BlueTwelve Studio. The game is available on, Steam, PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox. The game has cats, robots and zurks, you play as cat in a city filled with robots with feelings and trash at every corner you turn. You solve puzzles to find items and ways to escape dangers. The robots use some sort of strange language they created on their own when you interact with them.

The game follows a stray cat as the player, the little feline gets separated from their furry friends and falls into what’s known as “the dead city”. You follow arrows and screens throughout the city until you encounter these small bug like creatures that are later discovered to be called “zurks”. You run through the city trying to escape the zurks until you make a risky jump from one ledge to another, jumping into an apartment. There are more screens for you to follow and they lead you to a room filled with lots of technology, there you can find a little robot friend called “B-12”. B-12 acts as your guide and companion and follows you through your journey back to the surface. You and B-12 make your way to the slums where you meet Momo who wants to meet his friends known as the other ‘outsiders’ , the only people who have seen the surface before being closed into the city. I won’t continue to spoil the game for anyone wanting to play it.

The game has really good graphics and a good plot. Some parts of the story are left to theorists to figure out like, “what happened to the humans?” and “Why do the zurks exist?” These questions are answered with theories by SuperHorrorBro, Tericho, and a well known theorist; The Game Theorists on YouTube. They explain the story and gameplay more in detail and dive deeper into the plot. They speak out their own thoughts and theories along with some other popular theories floating around the internet. Tericho and The Game Theorists focus more on a darker backstory they believe to be true in the Stray universe, while SuperHorrorBro focuses more on the story behind the game.

Stray is a good game to play if you like cats and some parkour. You can run, jump, and meow as a little orange tabby. Like the title says, you play as a stray, a cat who lost its way and wants to reach the surface again. If you wanna feel more connected to stray cats in their day to day lives, Stray is definitely for you.